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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mud, Water, Snow, Hay, Tunnles, Walls, FUN!

Saturday was the Dirty Dash 10K. My family came up for this dirty event, and stayed with us. Needless to say, we had an awesome weekend.

The Dirty Dash was in Midway, UT. The place was packed! There were hundreds and hundreds of people everywhere. Very muddy people, I might add. The costumes were endless and the event was awesome.

Our team (team name "Easy Street") start time was 11:00.

Right from the start, you run up a very muddy hill. My two brothers, immediately got in front of our team, and then proceeded to kick and throw mud all over us as we ran up the hill. We couldn't let that slide by, so we started off the race with a big mud fight. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, and we were completely covered in mud.

It only got better from there. We threw each other into the huge mud puddles, and then helped each other scale the slippery mud walls, to get back out. We ran and slid on our bellies during random parts of the race. My brothers did front hand springs over the hay bales, and we kind of ran/laughed/and slid ourselves through the race.

Some of the obstacles were nuts! My favorite one was a bunch of walls we had to climb over. Some of them were too tall, so we had to squish ourselves under them, with our entire body in a mud puddle. During this, there was a snow machine blowing snow onto us. It was blowing really hard, and it felt like we were in an absolute blizzard with really strong winds. It was so crazy!

We went down a huge water slide, crawled through tunnels, with another snow machine blowing snow through the tunnels and blocking our vision, we waded through a swampy, smelly, muddy, nasty lake, we ran through tires, climbed a huge rope wall, did a rope swing, hurdled over several hay bales, and so much more.

We just laughed and laughed and laughed. And we got MUDDY! Most of the time, we had a hard time knowing who was who, because were were completely brown. We had some moments of mud clots in the ears, mud in the contacts, a tweaked knee, and some scrapes and bruises, but overall, we had so much fun.

The kids and my parents were able to meet up with us at the water slide and get some pictures. Mary and Sam didn't quite know what to think of it all. William bawled when he saw us. I am sure I would be worried too, if my dad was wearing a dress, my mom was wearing a shirt with Edwards face on the front, and they were covered head to toe in mud. ;)

We ended the event swimming through a huge mud puddle. It was our last mud fight.

After the Dirty Dash, Mary participated in the Piglet Plunge. I wasn't sure how she would handle it, but she laughed the whole time. She loved getting all muddy and going through the big water slide. Her race was one mile, and she did really well. She was a good sport!

The freezing showers at the end were a killer, and the drive home in cold, muddy clothes wasn't the best, but once we got home, showered (and only got about 2/3 of the mud off) we were all laughing about it once more.

It was my sister Kelsey's Birthday, so we went out to dinner and had a yummy Cold Stone Birthday Cake at our house afterwards.

The next morning was the Primary Program. We had colored the kids hair (and ours) for the dirty dash, and not all of it came out. Poor William was sporting black and pink polka dot hair at church. Ben had a nice black stripe going down the back of his head. I didn't have any more color in my hair, but I still had dirt in my ears and under my fingernails.

The Primary Program was adorable. Mary did great with her speaking part, and Sam participated from the audience in his own way. It was so nice to have my family there to watch them. They were also able to go to Sunday School where Ben was teaching. It was nice to have them there to support and to participate in the lesson.

Everyone left after church (and a yummy dinner) and we all crashed for a while before spending the evening at a friends house.

It was a wonderful, dirty weekend!

I love having my family here and I am so grateful that we live close enough now that we can have experiences like this and be together more often. I really missed things like this when we lived so far away.

The Dirty Dash is definitely something that needs to become a tradition. It was so much fun!


Deanna said...

You guys are the most fun people we know. LOL! I LOVE IT! Looks like you had a fan-freakin-tastic BLAST!!! Go muddy Maynards!!!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds sooo fun! I'm so glad your foot was better in time for that one! And how awesome is it that so many people in your family are fit enough to all do it together!

Nayomee said...

Looks so fun!!

Kiera said...

We did the Dirty Dash in Boise and little Kambri did the Puglet Plunge! It is so much fun that the six miles is over before you know it :)

Maja said...

So sad I missed it. Maybe next year.

Becca said...

What a blast!! How fun that your family could all do it together. Those memories are the best. Love your outfits. Hilarious.

Lisa said...

So fun, you made it sound a bit more fun than my friend who did it last year
Glad you got some family time!!

Colleen said...

So glad you had fun! It certainly makes for fantastic pictures. We did the Warrior Dash this summer with Adam's fam and while we had a blast, I don't think it's a tradition I want to set! :) I like clean.