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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, May 13, 2011


Ever since Sam was an infant, we knew he was a sweet heart. He has always been very humble and eager to please. He was the kind of baby that seemed like they would always be a baby. Just sweet and innocent.

Sam also showed a great desire to be active. That has grown these past four years, and Sam is becoming a very active boy who loves to run, jump and play.

He is also VERY shy when it comes to any kind of organized event or sport. He does not like people watching him. He avoids it at all costs.

I knew this when I signed him up for T-ball, but I also knew that it would stretch him in good ways. Sam loves to play baseball here at home with Ben. He knows how to throw and catch and hit the ball. He likes to do it on his territory.

The first T-ball practice, Sam sat on the side and meekly watched. He had no desire to join the team, even though he loves the sport.

The first game, he refused to play. Ben and I got a little worried. Was this just a big mistake?

The second game, we were able to get Sam to wear the team hat. This was a big deal. He still won't wear the shirt, because he is afraid of the attention it would bring. The shirt is at least three sizes too big and looks like a dress. We were thrilled that he wore the hat. Sam hit the ball once and stood in the field for a while! This was a big deal. We were very proud of him.

The third game was last night. Sam played the whole game and liked it!!! He would get shy when people would cheer for him, but he kept on going. We were so proud of him! It has been neat to see him crawl out of his shell week by week and be stretched a little.

He has a lot of courage and we were happy to see him willing to do something that we knew would be hard for him.

We are excited to see what the next few games will bring.

He is a great kid and a sweet boy. We sure love our Sammy!


erin d. said...

Yay Sam! Way to go buddy!

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