My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Chaos

There are times in life, when we are in our groove, doing our thing, going through the ho-hum of life. My personality does extremely well with schedules and order (the red in me), but sooner than later, I get B-O-R-E-D! And then I get impatient, and then I get grouchy, and then I walk around all anxious and stuff, it goes from there. I love having things to look forward to, things to plan, things to do, etc. The move and a baby (happening at the same time) was plenty to rock the boat for a while and keep things "interesting." The past little while though, I have been battling the "bored blues."

I guess too much of a good thing, is not good anymore. The schedule was great, the low key life felt good for a while, and finding our new normal was nice. BUT, it got old. Yup, that is my personality. Can't seem to stay in one "mode" for too long.

And then all came at once. And I have been absolutely loving it!!! Ben's parents came to visit, the Darringtons came a few days later, my mom and sister came, the Good Neighbors came, and I was having so much fun that I literally lost all track of time. I actually had to consult the calendar to know what day it was each time we woke up. So, so, so awesome! Our order and schedule went right out the window and I was so grateful.

And so it continues, as follows.

We said goodbye to Mike and Mel, as mentioned in previous post. We go to Home Depot and order the carpet for the guest room! I had laryngitis at the time (as mentioned in previous post)so I crash early, not feeling very well. Sam seems a little "off" too.

Church is great. Ben teaches an AWESOME Gospel Doctrine Lesson. Wow, it was so good. He is amazing! It is Ward conference, and all of the talks are very enriching and thought provoking. I accompany the ward choir for practice after church. I am feeling better, but also have pink eye. Good thing we already have drops, from the two rounds of it the kids have had this month. Sam is getting worse.

My day to attempt to get everything set in order before more fun begins. My best friend since 1st grade is moving to Utah!!! They would be staying with us for a few days while trying to find a home. Do laundry, get groceries, do more laundry, help Mary with her gymnastics routines, the carpet man comes to measure the room, clean the house, and end up taking a VERY sick Sam to the doctor. He has Strep, and it is bad. Poor kid. We start the antibiotics. I have to call Katie and tell her they have to get a hotel for a night until Sam is not contagious. DANG! Mary has gymnastics that night. We all crash.

Sam is loads better, but still won't eat. I rush everyone to the gym and get a much needed hard run in. We get home just in time to meet Katie, Landon and their three kids. We eat lunch, and Katie and Landon are off to house hunt! I successfully manage 6 children ages 6 and under the rest of the day, and even find a few minutes to fertilize the lawn. Go me! Ben gets home, I rush to the store, everyone is back for dinner. Katie and family get to stay with us this night. We get all of the beds ready to go. We talk and hang out and then it is off to bed. We were all tired from a big day. I go to bed realizing how awesome it will be to have Katie living here. So, so, so amazing. Sam wakes up a lot in the does William.

I wake up early to get to the gym before everyone wakes up. Not gonna happen. William is up and talking to himself happily in his bed. I grab him and go downstairs. I do a work out video instead. I am still not feeling 100% and it kicks my bootie. But it feels great! Everyone is up within the hour. My kids are having breakdowns right and left, and I am so thrown that I have to ask Katie what day it is, seriously! We do breakfast, Ben goes to work, Katie and Landon hang out for a while, and then they are off. It was a short, busy visit, but it was a visit, and I love seeing my friends!! I am so glad they stayed with us, and I am even more glad that they will be so much closer! Thank you for coming Katie and Landon! Next time we will play.
I head to the store with my kids, and among the groceries we come home with these.

Harry Velma and Velma Harry. We call them Harry and Velma for short.
Harry Velma is Sam's, Velma Harry is Mary's and William claims them both.
I still am not sure how they got here. We went to Walmart, I was in my "zone" checking off the list and deep in thought. The kids put things in the cart, I said "sure" and here they sit, on our table, staring at me.
Smart kids, or crazy decide.

Wednesday evening
I take William to play with Landon and drive Mary and William to Olympus Gymnastics..Mary's gym. It is her VERY FIRST un-official, official gymnastics meet! It will have it's own post soon.
We come home from the meet and had pizza to celebrate.

Thursday (today)
Sam goes to preschool at Landon's house. Heaven on earth for him. While Sam is at preschool, I take the other two to the gym. I ran 6 miles in 52 min 40 sec. A personal best for me! Wahoo!! I got home 5 minutes after preschool had ended. I figured Sam would just be getting home. (it was next door, literally) I found Sam sitting on our porch crying. One look at his tear-stained face had me all teary as well. He had beat me home. I felt horrible! Did I mention that I completely forgot to pick him up last week! Geeze, the poor kid. I snuggled him for a long time and gave him anything he wanted. Yeah, I am horrible. He doesn't seem ruined, but I am going to have to tatoo it on my forehead.

After Sam was all better, we had a picnic with some very fun friends at the park. It was in the upper 60's, so we stayed and basked in the wonder of the sun as long as we could. Oh how we love the sun. (notice I said Sun, not heat, but sun...there is a difference) The sun seems to be a rarity around here, so when it decides to come out, we all go out with it. I just finished teaching piano lessons, the kids are playing with friends, and Ben came home sick, so he is at the Doctor. His throat is killing him...go figure. Anyone want to be it is strep? Poor guy. The day will over before we even realize it began.

Ben may be staying home from work. I will go to the gym with the kids and come home and pack. We will head to Pocatello when the above is accomplished and when Ben is no longer contagious. We will celebrate my dad's Birthday with my family where we are bound to have a very fun conference weekend, chillin' with the family. I can't wait!

Sweet Chaos my friends, Sweet Chaos.

Side note: Colorado friends...stay tuned for an important announcement coming up in the next post, um, or maybe the next. Just stay tuned, -k.


Katie Ladwig said...

Thank you for letting us add to your chaos. You were such a huge help and my kids loved your house. They keep asking when we can go back. My house without the park in the backyard just isn't cutting it anymore! Thanks again! We love you and can't wait to be closer.

Adri said...

So, I've been sort of behind and tried to find your big news, but couldn't. Did I miss it?