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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bright and Cheerful, just like her.

Yeah, I know, we just did Mary's room 7 months ago. And we loved it, we all did. It was so cute and original. It was something fun and new and it had been planned for a LONG time. I still have all of that decor and I have some ideas on how to use it elsewhere, or at a different time, but for now, it is safely tucked away in a special place.
When I choose Mary's room decor style, I was torn between two different styles. Pink, black, cute, yet sophisticated OR bright, fun and a little spunky. I went with the first choice, because I had been able to find the perfect decor for it.

However, with spring fever in the air and with all of the fun colors, Mary and I started getting ideas. Well, I did, but when I would run them by Mary, she would get that cute gleam in her eye. We decided to go for it, and it is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!
Mary's room is now the place to be in our house. It is so bright, happy and fun. Just like Mary. Oh, I love being able to paint, and re-paint if I want to.

Her room was really fun to do this time. The colors were fun, bright, happy colors to paint, and the flowers were really fun to put on the walls. Mary helped with them, and picked out the patterns and buttons. It was a LOT of work, but we got it done within a week, and just in time for the great sunny weather!!

And here it is!

I started out by painting over the dark pink with an adorable lime green color.
I then re-painted the black stripe running along the top of the room from black, to apricot orange. The rest of the paint is the same.

Then we did this wall.

We used different shapes of flowers, chosen by Mary.

Once the flowers were on, we put the buttons together and then stuck them on the wall, in the middle of the flowers with putty.

Then it was off to our favorite home decor stores for the accessories. We changed the dresser just a little, but it made a big difference.

We found these fun orange flowers at one store, and put them up next.

This hangs on the closet door. (Mary's request) It doesn't go in the drawer with the rest of them. Mary got this competition leotard last week, and is in awe of it. I think she likes it there, because it makes her excited when she sees it. I think it is pretty cute.

Mary found this wind chime and went crazy over it. When the breeze comes in her window it makes magical sound that makes you feel like you are in the secret garden.

Next came the pink butterfly, the fuzzy colorful pillows, the green pillowcase,and the whiteboard, which we painted and added cute orange sparkly flowers to. The whiteboard has become the favorite toy in the house. It cracks me up. I had NO IDEA that Mary would love it so much. She plays school every day with her friends and uses it all the time.

We will be getting her lamp this week. We already found it, we just have to go get it. It makes me laugh, but it is what Mary wants. I will post pictures for sure when we get it.

There is also one more semi-big thing we will be doing in her room. It is going to be very cute, if I can find what I am looking for. So for, I haven't found it. When I do, I will be posting it. It will complete the look of her room perfectly. Hopefully this will be the week!

And we are not done here. Another post is coming soon with some other fun, but smaller changes we have done throughout the house. There are still many rooms to paint and add decor to, and many ideas swirling around in my head. I have a feeling that our house may just change with the seasons. ;)

To some it may seem plain, to some it may seem fun, to others it may seem boring, to others it may seem exciting. But to me and my family, we love making our house a home, and one that has our own personalities in it. To us, our home now makes us smile just a little brighter. We have a lot of fun with it.


Vivian said...

What an awesome job with the room. I really like the garden'll see in one of my next few posts why...
by the way..our daughters have the same bedspread!!! ;)

Lisa said...

Very cute Beck!! Can't wait to see the rest!

Jenny Cook said...

So cute! It turned out amazing!!! Good work!

Colleen said...

Fun changes! New decor is always so refreshing. I love the button flowers in particular.

Jenni said...

So cute!!! It looks amazing! I wish I had the ability to visualize a room and then put it together! Come do my house!

Sylvia said...

I LOVE IT! So cheerful and fun...just like Mary! Good job!