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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sugar Thursday?

This is Maya. Maya Sugar Maynard (as named by Mary and Sam)

And she is ours!!!!

Her name was originally Sugar, but we tweaked it a bit. She is young enough, that it won't really affect her. If you read the previous post, her name is pretty ironic! We had a good laugh anyway.

She now sports a camo. pink collar, sleeps in a soft white fluffy bed, is walked (by Mary) with a cute purple leash, has a rainbow dog tag, and ALMOST got a hot pink sweater. How's that for a welcoming...and some serious love from a 6 yr old, puppy crazy girl.

Maya is the most beautiful, adorable, cuter than pie, sweet, tender, happy, eager to please, little puppy you will ever meet. She is a 4 month old purebred golden lab. It was love at first sight with this one.

We were VERY careful this time around. We asked a million questions and really made sure the decision was a good one. We made sure her previous owners were honest about her. We didn't want to have another Nico incident. We feel great about this one!

We brought her home Thursday night, and we have all absolutely fallen in love with her. She is such a sweet little thing. She is already house trained..yippee! She is young enough to train her to be part of our family, but old enough to already be trained in the important areas.

She will grow to be the perfect size for running, hiking, camping, playing, protecting, and traveling.

We plan on her being in our family forever. She is a keeper for sure.

Welcome Maya, you sweet little sugar muffin!


Katie Ladwig said...

Yeah for the puppy! She looks beautiful and I hope she turns out to be everything you wished for.

Colleen said...

Isn't Maya darling?! Dogs are such wonderful family members. It sounds like Mary has already made a good bond with her! I hope she is all you are hoping for in a dog and more. When we got Ruby her name was "Bella" but we wanted to name her Ruby, so we did something similar to what you guys did and her full name is actually "Rubybelle." :)

Jenni said...

Make sure Travis doesn't see this post because you have his dream dog!!!! So fun! You're kids are so lucky to have you guys as parents. Perhaps I should send our three to come live with you!