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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Adventures

Since moving here, it seems that Mary has had one new adventure after the next. We all have, but Mary seems to be dealing with the most change, and she is doing wonderfuly.

One new adventure has been ballet and jazz. We missed the deadline for fall soccer, so we decided to try out dance for a while. I think it has become a permanent thing. We will still work spring soccer around it.

I know nothing about dance, and it is SO different from gymnastics. However, Mary LOVES it! And I admit, it is really fun to watch my little girl twirling and leaping and doing the "barbie" walk with such a happy smile on her face. It tugs at the heart strings.

The girls in her jazz class wear these weird little pink things on the balls of their feet, and I finally asked one of the parents what they were. She informed me that they are called "foot undies." They look exactly like minitaure underware! They are so hilarious. Mary's jazz shoes were too small, so we decided to forget the shoes and try the foot undies. They look totally uncomfortable, but the little girls love them. Good stuff.

I didn't get a picture of Mary in her ballet shoes, but here is one in her jazz outfit. The ballet outfit is the same, but with ballet shoes and the tights all the way down, and no shorts. There is a dress code at her studio, so all of the girls are in pink tights and black leos. I am already VERY excited for the recital in June. Hooray for dance!

Another new adventure for Mary is coming in about a week. She will be going to a new school class, with a new teacher and on a different track. Same school though. Things just have not been getting better with school, and we learned of a few bullies in her class. We also learned that her fear of walking down the huge hallway to the bathroom is causing some major problems and big stomach aches. Not good. Her teacher was fine, but was VERY strict. Mary doesn't get in trouble or anything, but the class is so strict that she isn't seeing how fun school can be. Her classroom was very plain and there was really no personality. I helped in the classroom one day, and the vibe was very dull and really weird. Not a fit for Mary.

This new teacher she will have is known as the "grandmother" of the school. Mrs. Calhoon. Love the name! She is an older, plump, jolly, happy lady who absolutely adores the kids. Her classroom is so cute and all of the kids love her. Best of all, the bathroom is in the classroom. Yeah!!! There are three other kids in the class with glasses, so there won't be any more problems with Mary being teased. Mary will also be in the same class as one of her good friends from church.

This new class is off track right now, so Mary will begin when they go back on track next week. I am so excited for her and I know we made the right decision. Mary is also very excited. She has been wanting to be in Mrs. Callhoon's class for a while now. Mrs. Callhoon has been the only teacher who could calm Mary down from her panic attacks at school. She would just hold Mary and talk so nicely to her. The principal was AWESOME when I talked with him, and he was willing to work with us completely. Our prayers have been answered and we are so grateful for this positive change for Mary.

Mary has also had new adventures with friends. Mary has made some great friends, but is struggling making friends her age. Thank goodness that the one friend she has, that is her age, will now be in her school class. Mary's two best friends are 7 and 8 yrs. old. Taylor and Reagan Red Hair. (there are so many Reagan's here, that they are now defined by hair color..hilarious!) They ride their scooters to school together (with me lagging behind with Sam and Will), they play together, they spend a lot of time at eachothers houses, ect. They get along very well and they are such cute girls.

Last week Taylor invited Reagan Red Hair to go to her cabin with her for the weekend. Mary was not invited, and was too young to go anyway. Every day that week, on the way to school, Reagan and Taylor would talk about the upcoming cabin trip. Mary said nothing. There was only one time when Mary asked me why she wasn't invited. I just told her that Taylor could only invite one friend. I knew that Mary felt bad and left out, but she was quiet about it.

The night they girls left for the cabin, we were sitting at the table for dinner and Mary said the prayer. She prayed for Taylor and Reagan and that they would have fun at the cabin and be safe. She never mentioned the cabin again. I am so proud of my little girl. She taught me a big lesson. She never once got jealous or mad. Instead, she prayed for them. I was very proud of her.
Oh, the things we learn from our children. I sure love my Mary girl.


Lisa said...

How fun! And those panties things are hilarious!! Wow! You guys are sure busy, I couldn't keep up with all of it!

Colleen said...

What a sweet friend story! A good lesson. I am glad things are turning positive for darling Mary!

runningfan said...

What a big girl! That's a lot of changes for a five-year-old!

Katie Ladwig said...

I am excited for you guys. These seem like good changes. The foot undies have been around for a while, but for bigger kids they are called bear claws. They are fabulous for dancing jazz in. Totally fun!

lori parkhurst said...

That little girl Mary is a sweetheart. What a great story.