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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mary's Room...Check

As of this morning...Mary's room is complete! I had to do a little bit of touch up under the black stripe (the tape was not leak proof), but that was it, and now it is finished!

The picture didn't get the color very well, but the top 1/2 is light pink and the bottom 1/2 is dark pink. Oh, and her bed spread is black with white polka dots. The stripes on it are from the sun coming through her window.
This room does not come without a story. In fact, her room could have been complete, start to finish, in under three hours. Yup, thats right. But instead, it took almost a week.

The famous diva corner. This is where all of the accessories, purses, bags and make-up reside. The very last thing we have left to do in her room, aside from a rug, is a new lamp. I am on the lookout for a really cool pink lamp with black on it. I think Hobby Lobby has the winner.

Last Saturday I got the two different colors of pink done, and the black stripe in the middle of the room, in about 2 hours total. That black stripe took longer than both colors of pink did. It was tough! All we had left was the black border up by the ceiling. No prob. While Ben was measuring and marking where the tape needed to go, and I was following him with the tape, we looked down and saw the entire can of black paint spilled in a puddle on the carpet! The entire house has new carpet in it. It was put in right before we moved in. The house still smells of new carpet. We love it.
Ben and I both sat and stared in horror and then we went to work trying everything we could think of. We got a dry towel and soaked up all of the excess paint. Then we got out the paint thinner and started scrubbing. While we were scrubbing, our neighbor came over and offered her carpet cleaning vacuum. We brought that up, and it lessened the black color, but it spread the paint. We worked and worked and worked, and this is what we are left with.

The stain is much darker in person. The flash on my phone lightened it up a lot. (we are still using our phone cameras, because the computer that our camera hooks up to isn't working yet)
It really stinks. I am now hunting for a cute pink rug to cover this until we re-carpet it sometime. Probably when we carpet the guest room downstairs.
I had my surgery soon after the paint spill and then I have had to wait until I am well enough to finish the black border. So, it took almost a week to complete the room. I am still very sore from the surgery, but I was able to do a few minutes of touch up work this morning.
I can't believe that we have painted three other rooms without any spills, but when we get to the one room where we use black paint, we spill the entire can!

Oh well, what's done is done. A rug will look cute there, and no one will have to see it, but it sure bites to have a stain like that on new carpet. Ouch.

Aside from the stain, I love how her room turned out! It is adorable. Mary loves it too. She keeps thanking me over and over again. It matches her "diva in paris" theme perfectly. I even go in her room, just to be in there. It is a very fun room and it matches Mary's personality perfectly. Girly but sporty and spunky. Love it!

We also got all of the fall decor up this weekend! I had to do it all in slow motion, because of some pain, and it took me a lot of the day to do it, but it is done. Ben helped a lot as well. Fall is my absolute most favorite season, and my fall decorations are my favorite as well. I wanted to get everything up this weekend, because it makes me feel so happy and excited. It was the perfect post-surgery remedy. It makes the home look so warm and cozy and festive. Hooray for fall!

Next up, the boy's room. Buckle your seatbelts, this is bound to be a trip.


runningfan said...

Cute colors! Sorry about the paint....welcome to home ownership!

Kristen said...

It looks super cute! We spilled chocolate brown paint in our first home too but luckily the couch hid it until we put in hardwood floors.

So if you don't want to go out and buy a new lamp you could totally spray paint the lamp black and cover the lamp shade with fabric or glue some cute fabric rosettes on it! Also Target and have super cute rugs in the pink and black and white themes.

Deanna said...

LOVE IT!!! Super Cute!!!

Colleen said...

Looks great!! So cute. Darn black paint on the carpet...but looks good on the walls!

Darci and Ryan said...

Love her room!

Kiera said...

You did such a great job! I love it! I wish I was talented enough to put a room together like that!

Juls said...

Great job Becky! Wow you got that done quick. I just finished our bathroom and I started it like last Wednesday! It took a little longer because i had to prime and paint the ceiling, but I did not tape so that was nice! Well I am glad you finally get to use all your ideas. I am already excited for my ideas for our next home, except I am not excited to paint. Are your back and shoulders just killing you? I know mine are! Oh and neck. Anyway I hope your recovery is going good and have fun with the rest of your decorating!

Mike and Laurel said...

That is such a cute room! Too bad I don't have any girls...I would have used your ideas! Sorry to hear about your surgery, but I'm glad you're all fixed up and on the healing side. :)

kendra said...

cute room... Too bad about the carpet!

I hope you're feeling better from your surgery now. Glad they got the problem fixed.

erin d. said...

OH my goodness I LOVE IT! You have your work cute out for you Miss Becky!

Sylvia said...

Love the different colors of pink and esp. the black trim! Looks so much like Mary! I bet she loves it! Still can't believe the paint spilled. That is crazy!