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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Lessons, a Lemonade Stand, and a Scooter

When we moved here to Utah, aside from silly bandz, there was one thing that it seemed like every kid here owned...a Razor Scooter. Mary and Sam didn't seem to care or notice, and that was fine with me. They have their bikes, and they still love to ride them ALL THE TIME. Pretty soon though, Mary started asking kids in the circle if she could ride their scooter. She immediately fell in love, and started asking for one of her own.

I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to teach some of life's important lessons. Earning, saving, tithing, and patience.

I told Mary that if she could pay for 1/2 of the scooter, we would pay for the rest. At first, we decided that should could have a quarter every time she helped me out by feeding William his bottle. It is hilarious to watch this, because he is almost 1/2 her size. He adores Mary, and most of the feeding time is spent with her making him laugh and smile, which ends up with him covered in formula, but happy.

At first I was just handing her a quarter each time she fed him, but we were quickly running out of quarters, so I told her we would make a chart, and she could keep track of the quarters she was earning on the chart. One mark for each quarter. One circle for a dollar.

This money earning process was taking quite a while, so she asked if she could do anything else. Mom's LOVE this question. She ended up doing some pretty big jobs in order to earn more quarters. She pulled weeds, cleaned up the entire toy room (which is a big project some days), she swept the kitchen floor, and so on.

This last Saturday she asked if she could do a lemonade stand in order to try to make the rest of the money for the scooter. So, I told her she could do it, if she completely took charge of it. With Mary, this was not a problem. We have a running joke in our family and in the extended family about Mary someday being the CEO of Coke. She is a go-getter, and she knows how to get things done, and get them done correctly and efficiently.

The lemonade stand only proved this to be even more true. Mary got it all set up, and a few minutes later, I went outside.

She had everything organized on the table in a way that would get the lemonade to the customer the most efficiently. And yes, that is exactly how she described it to me. The stand was complete with a towel for the little kids that spilled on themselves, a garbage can, and two different flavors.

Then, she got down and dirty and started delegating. In less than 10 minutes she had her friends knocking doors in order to get customers! I was a little embarrassed by this, but I was determined to let Mary do this all on her own. She even tried to set up a drive through service.

It was hilarious. At one point, when I went out to check out the progress, I think I heard her ask for a tip. eek! Good thing that customer had a great sense of humor and a big heart.

In just an hour, Mary had earned almost $8.00 in quarters! Ben and I could not believe it when she came walking in the door with a huge grin plastered on her face and a cup overflowing with quarters. It was all we could do to not roll on the floor and laugh until we cried. It was just so Mary, and so funny.

Needless to say, Sam rode his bike, I walked, and Mary rode by us on her brand new, shiny, pink scooter (complete with a bell and streamers) all the way to school today. (Ben was with William at home) There was not one tear shed when she had to leave me. She was all grins and proudly walked into that school with her scooter by her side. Few!

We talked to Mary about tithing, and gave her the choice about paying it. She decided that it is something she wants to do, and she has the money in an envelope in her church bag, waiting until we go to church next.

I am so proud of Mary and for her willingness to be taught such precious and important life lessons. I can only hope that this will continue and that I can clue in on the moments that will be right to teach these lessons. I sure love my little girl.


Deanna said...

This is surly an experience Mary will not forget. What great parents you are, and what a lucky little girl!

That is the cutest pink scooter and most darling girl I've ever seen. :) Congrats, Mary!

Team Serra said...

Becky I LOVED that story. What a great girl! It's amazing how independent kids that young can be! Go Mary!

Adri said...

Great story, Mary! Way to earn your scooter!
P.S. Silly Bandz are the big craze, here, too.
P.P.S. Dal and Kate had a lemonade stand the other week, too. Despite the fact that I mixed up two HUGE coolers full of lemonade, they only made $1.00. Too many 'freebies' for the neighborhood kids, I guess. They need some business lessons from Mary!
P.P.P.S. Kate added a scooter to her Christmas wish list this week, too.

Qmann said...

Ok, first things, I love the boys room. I would love if you could tell me where you got the airplanes, my little boy loves airplanes and I have had such a hard time finding cute ones to decorate their room. Mary's room looks so sweet. And William looks so chubby. Gotta love it.
Way to teach her responsibility.

erin d. said...

I just read this out loud to Jacob and he said "I don't think I could have done that". The drive thru thing was fantastic! Way to go Mary and way to go Mommy for teaching such a great lesson to your little girl. You are such great parents, we love and miss you all.

PS Jacob wants to know if Mary paid her door knockers. He says "she's a true entrepreneur if she didn't" haha way to go Mary!

Sylvia said...

Love this....She definitely deserves the scooter! Mary is amazing! So is her wonderful mom! Love ya