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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I can't Believe It

Sam is in pre-school! His first day was this week. He LOVED being the one to go to school. I was so relieved. I was really worried that he would be afraid, after watching Mary be so reluctant to go to her school. But instead, he kept saying that he was a big boy and he was so excited! He marched right up the steps and into the house with no problem at all. After school, he came running out to me with a huge grin. It was adorable!

It is a pre-school co-op with six other women in our ward. It should be really fun, we have a lot of cool things planned.
This will be such a great thing for Sam. He is so excited to finally be the one doing something. It is about time. He also gets to play soccer this spring! He already talks about it all the time. He is growing up so fast, it is nuts. I sure love my little Sammy Boy. And I am so excited for all of the adventures that lie ahead for him.

Sam has also made a best friend here in Herriman. It is his first really good buddy. His name is Landon and he is the most adorable and sweet kid! We all love him. He lives right next door. Perfect. It is so cute to see Sam and Landon playing all day long. They beg to be with each other, and they miss each other when they are apart. The other day Landon had to go to the store with his mom, and Sam was bawling because he "missed Landon so much." ha!

This move has been a very good thing for Sam in several ways. It has been an unforeseen but very welcome blessing.


Colleen said...

Congratulations Sam! Isn't it amazing how big they seem when they start school. So glad it's been seamless, and so happy for new friends!

Katie Ladwig said...

Landon's are the best! What a fun time it must be for you to have a break with only one baby home as well. I know I have enjoyed the time alone with Levi.

erin d. said...

Thats so great!