My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Life has been non stop here in Utah. Our first week here has been crazy, but so good! I didn't know what to expect, but I honestly didn't expect to be in such a cool spot. Our cul-de-sac is a blast. The picture is taken from our front porch, so our house isn't in it, but this is what some of the cul-de-sac looks like.

The kids play non stop with about a million other kids. The adults just talk with whoever happens to be outside at the moment, so I have made a few friends already. Everyone just leaves their garage doors open and kids run all over the place. There are bikes, skooters, balls, toys, popsicles, and everything in between. The Bishop lives across the street and they have a swimming pool in their backyard that they have basically opened to the neighborhood. There has been a pool party almost every day. We joined in for the first time yesterday. Up until then, we have been very busy getting settled. Mary and Sam crash every night, but they crash happy.

We have only been here a week, and we already saw an apostle. We went to a wedding reception, and what do you know...Elder Christofferson (spelling?) walks in. So crazy. It was neat to show the kids who he was.

Mary is really enjoying kindergarten. She is a lot more tired in the evening, but she is a schedule girl and she is loving having a constant every day (where did she get that??? ;) ). We had a little too much fun school shopping, and it is fun to see her all decked out in her fun clothes every day before school. Her teacher is very sweet and the kids in her class get along well so far. I still can't believe she is in school, but it has been a good thing. Now if we can just get her to wear her glasses in class....

We also just finished painting the family room!! It is a really cool green color. Not too light and not too dark. I have been waiting years to be able to paint, and we are finally doing it. I was so nervous about the color and it took me forever to finally pick one and to get the guts to finally paint the walls. It took Ben and I most of the day to get it done, but I LOVE IT! I am so excited about how the room looks! I can't wait to start on the kitchen and living room next. I am still debating on the kitchen color. It will either be the same color as the family room, or else a cream/tan color. I need to decide soon. I just found the perfect color for the family room. When we were at the wedding reception, I fell in love with the color of the walls at the reception place. I asked a lady what color the walls were and she went down to the basement and found the paint can and wrote the formula down for me. ha! Pretty cool huh. I hope the store can re-create the same color. It is really neat. I have so many decor ideas in my head, and I am finally making them a reality. It has been really fun.

The days seem to be one big blur, and most of the time I don't even know what day it is, but we are getting a lot done, and we are doing our best to settle down a little. We are very happy here and we feel so blessed to be guided here by the Lord. We are grateful that we found this home in such a great area. It was not a coincidence. The Lord knew that we needed this in order to be able to leave Colorado and still be happy. I didn't think that was possible, but we really are enjoying it here already. I miss my friends, and today, I did think about the good ol' Briargate Ward and get a lump in my throat, but I can tell that we will be just fine here and that time will only make things even better.

On a more serious note, I have been experiencing some complications since the baby was born 9 weeks ago, and they are only getting worse. I finally made it in to the doctor two days ago. I will have an ultrasound on Tuesday to see what is going on (the doctor is pretty sure that parts that should have come out during labor are still in), and most likely a D&C will be done. I am nervous to see what becomes of all of this, but I am just trying to have faith that things will be o.k.

So, that is about it for this week. It is really hard to find time to blog, or even check my email, but I am doing what I can. Love to all!


runningfan said...

Wow! Lots going on in your world! I can't believe you've been there such a short time and are already settled.

I hope that whatever medical issues are ahead can be resolved quickly. It sounds like you have a good neighborhood to take care of you.

shaina said...

I think your paint color is about what mine is, in my house.
Sounds like you are really adjusting there, and hope the internal stuff gets resolved very quickly!
miss you!!

Lisa said...

Good luck Beck!! You have had enough medical problems, I hope this one clears up quickly! I'm excited for you to be able to put your plans into action in your OWN house!!! That's awesome!

erin d. said...

I am excited to see some of the finished projects in your home! We miss you guys and we are (selfishly) glad that you are a little bit closer to us. Keep us posted on your Dr. visits. We love you.

Nancy said...

Your house and neighborhood sounds so fun!! I've had complications since Violet was born (6 months now) and it hasn't been fun. I hope your situation is "easy" to resolve. Love ya!

Gina said...

I am so glad you are adjusting well and loving your new place! Cul-de-sacs are heaven, aren't they? We love ours too!

I missed you tons at the Belnap Reunion!

Mama Bear said...

I am so happy to hear that things are going so great. It is so hard to move, it's great to know when the Lord hand is guiding you.
As far as the problems afterward, I hope the d&c clears everything up and you can get on with everything. Take care.

Adri said...

How did things go with your ultrasound? Hope everything is okay.

Baby Girl is still hanging in there...seriously can't believe I'm still pregnant. She's probably going to be stubborn and actually WAIT til her scheduled day! ;)