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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook Post

I just put my status on facebook, and then all sorts of things came to my mind that I could post on facebook. I realized that a few things are going on around here. Nothing big or anything, but just stuff, ya know. So, I decided to blog about it. Mainly, to organize it all in my head, and also to read and remember later. Not to mention that a million facebook posts in 10 minutes would be a little strange. So...

It is back to the OB for me today. Hopefully I will get answers today. Geeze, I hate that place. It is a love/hate thing I guess, because I am grateful for doctors.

Mary goes to her new gymnastics gym tomorrow (Olympus Gymnastics) where they will be testing her to see what level to put her in. The level they are thinking about practices twice a week for 3 1/2 hours each time! Mary is so excited. I am too, but I am nervous as well. I hope she can handle it after being out of gym for three months.

We finished painting the kitchen on Saturday. The color wasn't the one I picked, but I ended up LOVING it even more than what I had in mind. It is really, really cute. This Saturday we will paint the family room, and the main floor will be done!!! Then it is on to the kids rooms and the toy room. I am VERY excited for those rooms, because they will be very fun.

I started running again on Saturday. Then I made the mistake of mowing 1/2 the lawn when we got home. Ben mowed the other half. We also painted that day. I woke up Sunday morning sore in every single spot on my body! Oh, the pain!
I ran again this morning, and it went much better. It feels so good to be back at the gym. I was all grins this morning when I got home.

Ben and I got our new church callings yesterday morning. Once we are set apart next week, I will post them. Until then, it is hush hush. I am way excited about mine though, and Ben's fits him perfectly. It will be fun to begin serving in our new ward.

We went to a party at the Bishops house on Saturday and had a great time! They hired this guy to sing and play the guitar and he was AMAZING! We got to know a lot more people, ate some yummy food, and had a good time.

Before we moved here, we pushed and pushed and pushed for Mary to get on Track D for school. Yes, we are on the track system here, and yes, I actually really do like it. I didn't think I would, but it is growing on me. Anyway, so we did all we could to get Mary on track D, so she would have time to adjust to the move before school started. All of the other tracks began two days after we moved here. After I talked to a secretary several times, and I was VERY frusterated the last few times, Ben actually ended up calling the same secretary and kindly but firmly letting her know that he would talk to her boss if she didn't start working with us. (that lady ended up being in our ward, when we met her, she said "oh, I already know name is *&^% and I work at your daugter's school. In fact, we have talked quite a few times. Here are some cookies we made for you." um..yeah. AND her husband is the first counselor in the bishopbric. AWKWARD doesn't even begin to describe that moment, but that is a post for another day) Mary ended up on Track B in morning kindergarten. The two things we asked NOT to have. Now that Mary is settled and we are to, we are really enjoying Track B. But we were not happy about it for a while there.
I got a phone call today from the school saying that a spot in Track D is open now, and that Mary can have it. HELLO!!!! She would have to switch teachers, class times, and classes. Talk about messing up a kid. I called Ben, we had a good laugh, then I called the school back and told them that Mary is just fine where she is. Track D would have been nice a few weeks ago. Thanks but no thanks.

Mary and Sam bought lemonade from a stand some kids made down the street. They came home with cups of grapejuice with cinnamon mixed in them.?! They were told that they got that kind because the kids were all out of the "oil" kind. I am talking car oil mixed with grapejuice. No more "lemonade" stands for us.

We went to Temple Square yesterday evening in Salt Lake City. It was one of the best experiences I have had there (aside from getting married, of course). I think it was because this time, we had our children with us. The statues, pictures, buildings, temple, missionaries, movies, ect. brought about tons of questions from our kids. It was an excellent teaching opportunity for Ben and I. We were learning and feeling the spirit together as a family. There is nothing more important to me. It was awesome. There is so much to do there, and we plan on going back very often. We are also planning to go see some pioneer monuments and sights as well. I feel so blessed to live to close to something that is so dear to my heart. I am very grateful that we will have that as such an amazing tool to help teach our children about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

O.K. that's about it for now. I know I am forgetting something, but Professor Chubbs is calling/starving, and I need to go pinch his fat cheeks and squish his fat thighs for a while.



shaina said...

I love it. Lots of busy things going on!! I'm glad you are happy.

Mama Bear said...

School systems can be such a drag sometimes, I know what you mean. But that would be so awkward, and to have to be in her ward... Still, good for you for taking your daughter's schooling so seriously.
I love taking my kids to the temple, I know what you mean about answering all the questions and feeling the spirit with your family, it is so beautiful. You are such a good person and I love to read your blog.