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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off Week

Just in case anyone out there has forgotten that this blog is the real story of our lives. Here is a post to prove it. Here is some realness for you.

Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones.

Or maybe my iron dropped way too far.

Maybe it is the anticipation of a LOT of things coming up. Some good (Easter, tax return, and more sun in the forecast), some scary (ultrasound that doc. says is absolutely necessary, but wouldn't elaborate on), some unknown (for a later post and a later time), that bring on the feeling of "hurry up and wait." Drives me crazy!

Maybe it is the weather...gray, kind of sunny, windy, gray, gray, windy, partly sunny, gray, gray....

Maybe it is the homesickness. My brother got engaged last weekend and my sister is participating it the Jr.Miss pageant this coming weekend. 4 members of my family are also celebrating Birthdays. I feel like I am missing out and missing them.

Maybe it is me feeling like a slug, or Sam being sick with the "mystery fever" that kept us inside too much.

Maybe it is not being able to see my friends, or just hang with the girls in WAY too long. We have been invited to things, which I am grateful for, but the timing was just off. Rats!

Maybe it is the third trimester blues. Again...hurry up and wait.
(p.s. can anyone out there give me the pattern for a carseat cover thingy, I might get brave and try to make one.)

Or maybe..I just need a break from something that I don't realize I need a break from.

Whatever the case, this week has not been the best of weeks. Nothing happened to make it horrible, and nothing happened to make it great either. I just struggled a lot to stay above the water this week. I am grateful to see it come to an end.

Here's to a better tomorrow.


runningfan said...

Hang in there! I think it's a tough time of year for everyone!

Chantalle Bishop said...

O, and round the corners. I forgot to mention, but that is VERY useful! Then it won't ever drag.

Chantalle Bishop said...

I was telling John's mom about your last are amazing! It is incredible that you have been through so much in the last year, wow. It takes a strong person to go through one major event, much less like 8 in such a short time!
Do you mean the carseat cover like the tent that goes over? If you do, my mom and I just made up how to do it and have made a few...I actually just made one yesterday for a shower today. It is 2 and a quarter yards...cut off the quarter yard and put the two yards together, right sides facing each other. sew around and leave a spot to turn it inside out. Then sew it there from the outside when you flip it. Then to put it on the carseat you can make handles (with the quarter yard, and then I attach it with velcro) OR you can just sew some ribbon on there and tie them. Anyway, not sure if that is what you meant, but if it is- ask any questions! They don't take long to make at all, the handles take the longest (as in, add another 20 min, maybe less) but it is fast if you do ribbon.

runningfan said...

Hey, are you not private anymore? This post just showed up on my live feed list, which hasn't happened since you went private.

Darci and Ryan said...

Hope this next week is an amazing one!

Qmann said...

It really sounds like you could use a big break. Maybe you and your fam, or just you and the hubby, could go stay in a hotel for a night and just order in. Just sit and relax and think about nothing if that's possible. Whatever you do, just make it relaxing. I really hope you feel a lot better.

Adri said...

I want to make you a carseat cover. Let's go to JoAnn's and pick fabric. I need an outing, too.

erin d. said...

i hear ya on this week.
Love you guys

PS Arlee makes and sells carseat blankets on etsy, you should contact her

Colleen said...

I think Shaina might have a tutorial on her blog for the car seat cover. I know exactly how you are feeling, the spring doldrums, made much worse when you are cooped up with a sick kid! It is spring everywhere but here. I don't like it either. Let's definitely have a girls' night soon!

Katie Ladwig said...

Everybody has 'em. It will leave soon enough. Just think, Easter is only one week away. Happy thoughts of Egg hunting and candy eating. Oh, and Congratulations to Devin. Who is she?

Tamarama said...

I don't know exactly what you're looking for when you say "car seat cover thingy," but this girl who used to be in my ward has lots of patterns for cool things that she makes:

Gideon had a mystery fever last week, too. It went away, and then a couple days later he developed a rash all over his chest, stomach, and back with no more fever. It turns out he had Roseola.

my4suns2 said...

I think we all have those weeks once in a while...I know I have. It helps to know it will pass by soon! Thinking of you!

lori parkhurst said...

My mom Jenny and I are going to see kelsey. We will send your love from you. hang in there.

The Mitchells said...

I know you'll make it through, you're stronger than you think!