My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Boy's Room

Once the bug got in me, and the ideas started flowing like crazy, I decided it was time to go at it, and let my ideas for our home become a reality. One step at a time, of course. Some ideas will take years, some will take days or weeks, and some will take a few minutes. Come what may, I am having so much fun doing it all. It will be a life-long hobby, and a fun one at that.

I started with Sam's room. Since we are having a boy, and his room has more open space than Mary's, we decided to put the baby in Sam's room. I have been so excited about having "the boy's" room.

Here is the look I am going for. Deep/brick red (not bright red), black, and a few dark green accents here and there. The theme is rustic/things on wheels.

The first thing I did was clear out some stuff (with the help of Ben).
Like this.

Which is now in the basement until we need it later on.

Then I cleaned out the closet, which was no small task.

Now 1/2 of it is organized and fits all of Sam's clothes and shoes perfectly.

The other 1/2 has empty hangers waiting for some cute little boy clothes to occupy them (but that will be another project in and of itself). And of course, the adorable white blessing outfit is there, which Sam wore and the baby will wear when he is blessed. Oh yeah, and there are some Halloween costumes hanging in the corner. ;)
I need to start going through Sam's baby clothes pretty soon here, but that is for another day.

Despite what the pictures show, there are shelves above where the clothes are hanging. I just didn't get those in the pictures. Those were actually the hardest thing to clean out, because they were so high up.

Once the closet was done, I got down to business.

I can't paint the walls, but that didn't stop me from painting.
I wanted all of the furniture the same color, so I went to the store, came back with a lot of black paint, and went to town.
The painting too me almost a week. I painted the bed, the dresser and the night stand. They each needed three coats of paint. Each thing I painted had to be emptied out, moved, prepped with blankets under them to avoid paint on the carpet..which wasn't completely avoided, and so forth.
It was a big project for this pregnant momma.



oops moments

Yes, that would be the white carpet with black paint on it. No, I haven't been able to get it out. I have tried everything. Rats!

After. Well, after I finished painting everything...but before the furniture was put back in place.

After I painted, I decided to spice up the walls a little. This part is hard, because when I can paint the walls, we won't need much decor on the walls at all. I have some fun paint ideas. So, I just added a thing here and a thing there. It looks plain now, but in the future, it will fit perfectly.
I cannot tell you how many trips I have made to Hobby Lobby and Target.
Here is some of the wall decor. Sorry our camera is not the best, and neither is the photographer, but you get the idea.

Next came a few things for the dresser and night stand. I LOVE this lamp. The picture is terrible, sorry. It is a fire hydrant, a fireman hose, and a few other things. So cool! Sam loves it!

Those are Sam's actual boots that I will never be able to throw away. The truck and the tractor are really cool antique/rustic looking vehicles. Perfect for the room!

Once all of that was in place, I decided that this REALLY needed to go. It didn't match at all! It has been used once, and I am selling the comforter and pillow sham for $25 if anyone wants it. ;)

Finding a brick red bed spread is no small thing. It took me over a month to find this, but it is perfect! Hooray for Bed Bath and Beyond and their amazing clearance sales!

And this is where we are for now. The picture is dark..go me. And it doesn't show the whole room (wall hangings included)...go me. But do you get the idea?

It may not look like much without the walls painted and the curtains that I am imagining, but I can see the whole thing in my head. It will come together piece by piece.

As you can see, it is still a room for a little boy, therefore, there will always be toys on the floor. In fact, at the foot of the bed, there are about 13 trucks, cars, helicopters, ect. It is Sam's "truck stop." There is also a race track on the floor that you can see the corner of...and the ever so popular Batman Cave! Oh yeah, and the laundry basket. But overall, the look I am going for is pulling together.

There is a nice, wide open space next to the dresser, where the crib will go, so there is plenty of room for the baby. We will wait a few more months (wow, actually we are talking a matter of weeks here!) to set that up.

I am very happy with how the room is turning out! It has been so much fun. I still have one major project left to do in the boy's room, but that won't be completed until we are 100% decided on a name for our little guy. I will post that project when I start working on it. It will also be in Mary's room too. It will be great.

So there you have it..or what is done so far. I grin every time I walk in the room, and I feel like I am well on my way to making my ideas a reality.

Next home make-over post....Mary's room! Let me just say....A-dorable!


Colleen said...

It looks FABULOUS Becky! I am sure Sam loves it!

runningfan said...

Nice job, Becky! I'm glad you got the perfect bed spread!

The Mitchells said...

Room looks great! Redecorating is always a ton of work!

MaryAnn said...

I like it! I am so bad at home decorating that I'm so impressed when someone can pull a room together like that. Good job!

Stefanie said...

I like how the painted furniture turned out. I'm still trying to motivate myself to paint Ry's dresser.

erin d. said...

Awesome! I love rooms that aren't babyish, but that are a room the kiddos can grow into. All you'll have to do is modify a couple of accessories here and there as the boys grow. It's classic and awesome! I can't wait to see Marys. Way to go Idaho!

kendra said...

very cute! Perfect boy room!

Jenni said...

Oh it looks so cute! Great to have a vision and have it all come together. Want to decorate my house now??

Deanna said...

SUPER CUTE!!!!! I love it. :) Can't wait till we're in a house and I can do the same for my boys. :)