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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nesting..the not so pleasant kind

A form of unexplained craziness in a pregnant woman. A large desire to make her house a home in ways that can only be done by winning the lottery or accumulating large sums of money very quickly. It can result in overloaded shopping carts at home stores and then leaving them there in complete distress without buying anything, absolute mindless rearranging of large pieces of furniture, a desire to sell furniture in order to get it in a different color, a huge desire to flat out move...just for a change, and a strong desire to consume large amounts of empty calorie foods in order to suppress the fire burning within.

It may also result in a very preoccupied mind and doing things such as making muddy buddies in a STRAINER and therefore creating a powdered sugar cloud that envelopes the entire kitchen. Or, mad rushes to the home store only to find your son is sitting in his seat in only his underwear because the thought of putting pants on him never entered your mind. It may also include things such as forgetting to put mascara on one eye, losing your card to the gym, dropping everything you touch, forgetting your friends name, asking a guy with no daughters if you could speak with his daughter sometime, walking into the mens bathroom during one of the 50 times you go during your workout, and so on and so forth.

The other day I got a fun package in the mail from my mom. It was a bunch of the pictures of the kids that I had taken while I was in Pocatello earlier this month.

Today, while Mary was at preschool, I decided to venture out to Hobby Lobby to find some frames for these fun pictures. Maybe just one or two frames to go along with the new theme for Sam's room.

I walked into the store, made it about 20 feet in, and the little spark of nesting that has been burning in me lately (pretty early compared to previous pregnancies) completely exploded into a downright bonfire. My eyes got as big as saucers, my palms started sweating, my notebook and pen came flying out of my purse, and my cart all of the sudden was not big enough. I gave Sam my entire container (a big container) of gum and a toy car to play with, and I went absolutely nuts.

Everywhere I looked I was seeing all of the things I have been slowly envisioning for Mary and Sam's new bedroom designs. Not to mention all of the new ideas I have had for the living room and family room. Oh, if only I could paint. Actually, maybe it is a good thing I can't paint right now.

I was in a home decor wonderland that only my mind could appreciate at the moment. Everything was just jumping out at me with every step I took!
An adorable rustic wagon for the boy's room (the perfect size and rustic red/black color), the perfect black and soft pink wall hanging for Mary's room. The perfect decorative pillow for Mary's new bed set (that is still in my mind and not on her bed), and ADORABLE old fashioned airplane clock for Sam's room, the perfect metal flower for Mary's wall. A timeless soft pink basket with black ribbon for Mary's room with the perfect hint of hot pink to add some spunk, the ideal lamp with an adorable old fashion baseball mit on the bottom for the boy's room, the perfect wall hanging for the family room, and I won't even begin on the fabric I saw for the piano bench and for some pillows I plan on making.

The frame I found last week goes perfectly with Mary's room idea and yes, that is where the last of the allowance was spent. Soft, light pink (to keep it calm), hot pink here and there(to add spunk) and black accents to add a touch of elegance. It is soooo cool looking (in my head).

And then of course there was the Valentine's Day section. I am a huge sucker for holidays as it is, but that did not help. I was almost hyperventaliting at this point.

My mind was going a hundered miles an hour. And of course, the reason I love that store, most of it was 50% off until Friday. AAAGGGHHH!!! It was as if the store knew my name and the thoughts in my mind. Way too perfect.

I went through so many reasons to justify buying a whole cart full of stuff. The awesome sale, my monthly allowance (that is already spent on home decor stuff...but hey, it is so close to next month), because I deserve it for being pregnant, having a bad gallbladder and for making dinner every night ;), because our tax return will be coming soon and I could spend a portion of that a little early, because home decor is my hobby, so I should be able to indulge..right, because I am very very frugal and I deserve at least one shopping spree for my good behavior, and on and on and on.

Needless to say, I had some serious self restraint, and I walked out of the store with a single $6.00 picture frame. Yes, it is cute. Yes, it is perfect and will go with the boys room perfectly (deep red, deep green, and some black accents, along with a lot of wood, all with a rustic flare).

Yes, I was proud of myself for my frugality and for overcoming a serious urge, but I was also next to exploding with the nesting instinct and the urge to do something very rearrange the whole house, or cook 100 freezer meals or rearrange the bathroom drawers (shudder), or eat an entire bag of oreos with milk. I even called Ben to begin the begging and pleading process, but instead I told him that Sam and I were out looking for a frame and that I was getting some great ideas. Little did he know that I had that crazed look in my eye that only a pregnant mad-woman can achieve and I was so close to tears it was pathetic. Oh, the pain!

So, for now, I will go put up the new picture frame, probably rearrange something that doesn't need rearranging, and cut off a few inches of the dang Elefun nose so that Sam won't ask me every 5 seconds to fix it, and continue to find a way to convince my ever patient husband that my wants are quickly turning into absolute and very pressing needs.

(after I hurry and sign up for Hobby Lobby's email notices for their weekly sales)


Nancy said...

Great post. I know the feeling. I always want everything I see at cool Italian stores. THEN... I remember the exchange rate is so terrible... and don't buy anything. So anything I do buy ends up coming from the store on base... usually made in China, and just like every other American's house around here. Hmmph.

Stefanie said...

Man I spent and hour and a half in Hobby Lobby and did not have as much restraint as you...and I'm not even pregnant! That place is heavenly, especially when you can go without kids!

my4suns2 said...

Oh,my. You're just like me. Although I don't usually put anything in my cart. i just stand in the aisles and stare - for hours. Plus, I'm too indecisive! Go you for using restraint!

Darci and Ryan said...

Love it! Love that store!

Katie Ladwig said...

I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. You get nesting so bad girl. I think it is getting worse with each pregnancy.

Gina said...

So our Hobby Lobby is just literally down the street on the edge of our neighborhood. LOVE THAT STORE!! Oh gosh, I'm not pregnant, but always have the need to buy EVERYTHING in there. I love it too! It is dangerously too close to us. Way to hold back!