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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ironic...don't ya think?

Since this will be my last post in 2009, and hopefully my last post of this nature, I decided to post it now. I find it ironic that the year will be ending this way, but it is very fitting I guess. It is also very ironic when you think about what Ben just went though and what they thought it was at first.

We are anxiously anticipating a new year with hopefully better health, less doctor visits, less hospital stays, and more low key news to share. That is our style and that is what we can hopefully have once again.

Since this year seems to be the one of crazy, random and innumerable illness/injury for our family, I might as well add this last one to the list, ya know, just to end the year with a bang. And is on to better items of business...the posts about this rockin awesome trip I am still enjoying, and of course, an update on the baby ultrasound!

So, do you all remember my back pain??? The pain that happened the week we left to come here to Idaho. The pain that had me on my hands and knees in tears. Yeah, that one.

Well, throughout our trip, the pain started turning into attacks, or at least that is what I will call them. The pain comes right after I eat anything, it is sharp, it is in one spot on my back and rib cage, and it is HORRIBLE! It makes me sick to my stomach and it makes it hard to breathe. It lasts about 6 hours.

I have had 2 attacks every day since we have been in Idaho, so I finally cracked today and went to the doctor.

The verdict.....gallbladder. Yup, you got it right, gallbladder.

The doctor is 90% sure.

So, when I get home, I get to have two ultrasounds. One fun one for the baby, and one for the gallbladder.

We may just end up starting the new year, or ending the old one (as I will be thinking of it) with yet another random, out of the blue and unforeseen surgery.
I guess we will know soon enough.

For now, in order for me to make the 11 hour drive home safely, with only minimal pain, I am on a diet of carrot sticks and fat free saltines. Ha! The only food that will not cause an attack that will make me unable to drive, according to the doctor. Go me!

Anyway, there it is. Another Maynard medical mystery, and hopefully the last.

I have not let the pain ruin the trip though. We truly have had a GREAT time and it has been nice to have so much help when the attacks get really bad. I am so glad I am here, and I am REALLY excited for the New Year festivities tonight. Bowling and of course, the annual tree burning!!!!! (pictures coming soon) Time to blast in a new year and blast out 2009.

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2010.


Julz said...

Oh my Gosh!!! You poor thing. I've decided you are not allowed any more bad news. You've had more than your fair share this year. You and your family our in our thoughts and prayers.

runningfan said...

You should call the bishop's wife. She helped me a lot when I was having gall bladder issues. Good luck!

thomii2 said...

Yeah, ironic... definitely. At least there's a possible source to the pain now. I hope the trip home goes well.

The pictures of the kids are ADORABLE!

thomii2 said...

That was Meg and Ben, sorry, signed into the wrong account!

Peter Nguyen said...


I don't know why, but when I first read your post, I thought that Ben needed to ultrasounds.

Happy New Year!


Nancy said...

My Dad and really good friend of mine both had their gallbladders removed. If you HAVE to have a surgery... this one is a good one. It's not as invasive as you may think and the recovery is pretty quick. I think you go home the same day. So maybe that's some good news? I hope all goes well for you. You may start turning orange by eating so many carrots!! Seriously, I have a friend who eats carrots and drinks carrot juice constantly and her hands are orange... and the rest of her skin is also tinted orange. Pretty funny. Love you... and Happy New Year!!!!

Colleen said...

SUCK! Sorry Becky! This has GOT to be the end of it! Drive safely!

my4suns2 said...

Girl, you REALLY need a break from all these health issues. I wish that for you for 2010. I hope things work out well. Good luck!

kendra said...

good luck getting home. Drive safe. and I'm really hoping for no "attacks" on the way.

good idea to light the tree on fire on New Year's, by the way. It's good to blast the old year away, especially when it's been one like yours.

2010's looking good...

The Maughan-sters said...

Oh Becky!! That is horrible!!! But it gets better, I had those same horrible pains and everything!!! I had to get my gallbladder taken out. It was outpatient surgery, I was up within a couple of days (once I stopped taking the vicodin)I was better off just taking Tylonel. They told me that pregnancy can cause gallbladder issues. BUT it will end, it will get better, I promise :-) If you have any questions or anything just let me know! Kara