My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bring on the chaos!!!!

So, as I said in our last blog, we had to leave Idaho early because of illness (Mary was sick with croup, and Ben's mom was sick). Little did we know...that was just the begining.
We got home from our trip Tuesday at 2:00am and by Thursday Sam was sick with croup as well. He was up ALL night Thursday night, and by Friday morning he could hardly breathe, and a little voice was telling me something was really wrong, so I took him to our pediatrician.
Right when we got there, she hurried and shot him in the leg with epinepherin, which is now a fat bruise in his thigh. Sam's was really struggling to breathe. That didn't work as well as planned, so she shot him in the other leg with some type of steroid. I was pretty freaked out by that point. She put him on a nebulizer for the next ten minutes and suprisingly, he sat still for that. After monitering him for a while, she didn't have anything else in the office that could help him, so she sent us to the hospital. We spent the next day and night there.
Poor Sam was poked and prodded for the next few days. He had an I.V. in one hand, a moniter on his toe, X-rays, ultrasounds, blood work, ect. It was an interesting night because Sam tosses and turns and he kept getting tangled in his I.V. and his moniters. It was nuts. We didn't really sleep.
To top it all off, he was not allowed to eat any solid foods. They were afraid that his throat was still pretty closed and the food would get stuck. The poor kid was starving by the time we got out of there.
When we finally got the o.k. to leave the hospital we went to pick Mary up at the Lupoi's house. (friends of Ben) They were so nice to let Ben and Mary sleep there and to take Mary the next day.
They have a lizzard there that eats red ants and Mary brought the container of ants over to me because she wanted to feed the lizard. As I was saying no and grabbing the container, it spilled and red ants went everywhere! We all flipped out!!! Mary cried, Ben tried to get some of them and ended up getting bit a few times (which is actually pretty painful), Sam was trying to pick them up, and I was staring in disbelief! We found the raid and finally killed all of them. We had to vaccum them up off the carpet and wipe down the desk they were running around on as well. We went on an ant hunt through the rest of the house and killed some stragglers. We felt soooooooo bad! It wasn't even our house! AAAGGHH!!!
We left the house clean, but smelling very strongly of raid. What a way to repay people who totally helped us out. Wow.
So, now we are home and furiously trying to pack. We are moving in a week and planned on using the weekend to prepare and find a house. Obviously that didn't happen, so now we are in crunch time and frantically trying to secure a house and get packed.
To top it all off, Mary woke up this morning with Pink eye..yippee, can't wait to see how quickly that spreads.
And there you have it...another Maynard adventure to add to the rest.
The End


Erin Darrington said...

Oh Becky! You keep earning that Bahamas vacation! Did they every find out what was wrong with Sam? Just severe croup? We love you guys and we'll keep you in our prayers for house searching, sickness avoiding, etc.!

Suz said...

Becky. It is Suz your long lost roommate. You have the cutest kids. Your little girl is going to be a knock out. And your little boy is going to be a heart breaker.

Bethany and Terry said...

Wow, don't you just wish sometimes that everyone would be healthy and happy for just one whole week, and that life would slow down to soem form of normalcy for just a small bit of time?

I guess sometimes we just have to learn to swim in the waves, not wait until the waves die down to move forward.

You guys will make it! Good luck we'll keep you in our prayers.

Familia Morales said...

You poor thing! It's amazing how all the stressful things happen all at once and are never spaced out evenly. It's so hard to see your little kid in the hospital, especially when they're that small--sometimes harder on the parent than on the kid. I hope everything works out for you all.

Robyn Whitworth said...

BECKY! You guys need some serious relax time! It was SOOO incredibly wonderful of you to take a couple hours to let us butt in on your family vacation/reunion and catch up and talk and even wound your poor brother with my breastfeeding! He's a dad, so I am sure it wasn't too bad, but I think I might have accidentally flashed him....oh well! Aeva still asks if we can go to Mary's house and swing. So fun! I am sorry to hear your week has been so crazy. Your kids and goodness! I guess you pretty much are going to be the champion Dr. Mom! I wish we could help with the move! Call me if you need phone therapy- love you guys- Robyn Whitworth

The Hardy's said...

Sounds like there had been a lot going on since you got home!! I hope everything goes well with the house hunt! Good luck!! Stuart has pinkeye too!~!

Jenni said...

Oh my heck! When it rains it pours! So what did they ever say about Sam and what was wrong with him? I hope he's doing much better now! And that Mary's pink eye doesn't spread to the rest of the household. Good luck packing and everything! I wish that I could be there to watch the kids or help you somehow!

Jessica Kay said...

what a weekend you had! I know it's mean, but I couldn't help but laugh about the have to admit that maybe in 5 years, ok maybe 10, that will be a funny story =) Good luck house hunting and it's nice to be able to keep posts on you guys and see what you're up to. good luck this week too, know that if we lived close we'd help you out!

marsh & tiff snedaker said...

Hey Maynards - remember us?! Found your link through Chris & Natalie's blog and thought I would come say hi! I can't believe how big and cute your kids are. Love all the blonde hair. Congrats on the job and I hope you are able to find a house without too much trouble!

Nancy said...

We are dealing with the double ear infection, pink eye and resperatory problems over here. And I noticed a new tooth cutting through too. When it rains it pours. You always seem to have a positive attitude though. Good luck with the move!!

Deanna said...

Hey!!! I found you through Robyn's blog. How are you?

Check out our blog...just follow the link....

Erick and Megan said...

I did work this time! I love your kids, I can't believe that blond hair! They are so adorable! Keep the pics coming!
Megan Johnson

Rhien Family said...

Ok, so I almost got stressed just reading this. Allison had croup like that a few years ago. It's rough, but wow, ants pink eye, vacation cancelled etc. wow.
miss you guys, wish I was there to help.