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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

soccer, soccer and more soccer

This spring soccer season, we had three kids in soccer.  Mary and Sam did club soccer, and William did rec.

It was absolutely crazy!

Mary and Sam travel with their teams, and each of them have two practices a week along with one or two games a week.  William had two games a week.

So, we had a total of 4 practices a week, and up to 6 games a week.  Add that in to tumbling, mutual, scouts, piano lessons, homework, choir, student council, and everyday life, and lets just say that our soccer season about drove me straight to the crazy house.  Good thing the kids had a great time though, and it is really fun to watch their games and see them progress in the sport.

  She was on a team that started out rough, and then got really great by the end.  Mary learned a lot, and grew a lot as a soccer player.  She had the same team as the year before, so it was nice for them to be able to play together again, and work more as a team.
Mary really enjoyed soccer, but she is just involved in way too much now, and had to start cutting things out.  She is going to be done with soccer, but I am glad she had a good experience.

  Sam's team definitely struggled as far as winning games, but wow, he had such a fun team!  Sam finally got a spark in him for soccer about half way through the season, and then he just took off.  He improved to much, and all the sudden has a soccer ball with him wherever he is, just practicing foot work and tricks.  It is awesome to see him so excited about the sport, and to see his drive turn into skill.  His team was full of great boys who played well, but also liked to just have a good time.

Last week Sam tried out again for next year, and we just got the email that he made the Gold team this year!  He moved up  a level!  We are sooooo excited for him, and he is thrilled!  I can't wait to see him continue to grow in the sport this next year.

William played rec soccer, so he just had two games a week for a month.  It is a very short season, but William had a great time.  He is an amazing defender.  Not much gets past him.  When he does get the ball, he gets so excited and he just laughs and laughs.  He had some awesome kicks at the goal, but unfortunately they didn't go in.  He definitely has talent for the sport, but is thinking about flag football or wrestling in the fall.  We will see....

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