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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

lukie turns 5

Luke had his 5th Birthday a few weeks ago.  It was so cute, because he completely understands Birthdays now, and he was so excited for his!

He helped me pick out the invitations for his party, write on the invitations, and he personally delivered them to all of his friends.  He is an awesome bike messenger!

A couple weeks before his Birthday, Luke told me that he wanted to try riding his bike without training wheels. I took the training wheels off his bike, and then I went inside to put the tools away.

When I came back outside, less than a minute later, Luke was zooming all over the cul-de-sac on his bike!  ha!  He just jumped on and went for it.  By the end of the week, he was up on the bike trails with Ben going over jumps and going around berms.   He is a very athletic little boy.

Luke invited all of his friends over for a party on his Birthday.  We had a paw patrol party again this year, but the weather was perfect, so it was an outside party.  YES!!!

They played a bunch of games out in the yard, and had a great time.

Luke wanted cupcakes for his Birthday cake, so we made cupcakes with Paw Patrol rings on top. 
you can't really see the cupcakes here, but you can see the rings and the frosting all over the kids' mouths!
Luke had a blast at his party, he grinned through the whole thing. It was adorable.
top: Kai Russell, Luke Phillips, Rowan Boone, Joey Goates
Middle: Kason Dix
Bottom: William, Luke, Molly, Boston Sweat

After the party, Luke and I got to work on his Police Station Lego set that he got from the family.  I love building Legos with Luke, because he gets so excited and he just giggles through the whole process.  He has had his eye on this police station for months, so he was REALLY excited to get to work on it.

Later in the evening he busted out his new bike and cruised all over on it.  He outgrew his other bike in about a day after riding it with no training wheels.  He loves his new bike.
Luke had a great day with friends and family and fun.  He is such an adorable little boy with his perfect boy face, his white blonde hair and his perfectly round blue eyes.  He also has the classic spatter of freckles across his nose, that complete the adorable factor.

Luke is a really good boy that just wants to play and have fun.  He is really kind and is great at sharing.  He has a huge imagination and is very curious. He insists on wearing pajamas every day, aside from when he is at school.  He is very coordinated and athletic, and he loves to go fast on his snow skis, his bike, and just in general.  He calls cigarettes "cigger nuts" and I die every time.  I don't have the heart to correct him because it is so cute!

He is still completely obsessed with police officers, and he is also still very mechanical and loves tools, fixing things, and Legos.

We love Lukie so much.

Happy 5th Birthday Luke!

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