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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

miss molly grace...2 months

Molly is 9 weeks old today! 

She had her 8 week appointment a week early, so her stats at 7 weeks were:
almost 10 pounds, 22 inches, and cute as can be.

She is still on her acid reflux medicine, but with the medicine she is doing just fine.  We haven't had any reflux problems for a while now.

Molly has mastered smiling, and is so quick to smile at her siblings and at Ben and I. 
Her smile is adorable, and completely melts our hearts every single time we see it.

Molly has started cooing and gurgling at us, and she wiggles her legs and arms out of excitement when we talk to her or look at her.

She continues to be a good baby, and sleeps really well at night.  She has even done a few 6 hour stretches! It has been so wonderful!

She got sick this week with a stomach bug, and it was pretty sad.  The poor girl could not keep anything in her, and had a fever of 101.  Hopefully she is over the worst of it now.

Molly continues to have a very special and sweet spirit, and has brought a higher level of spirituality and love into our home. 

She is so very precious and sweet, and we are still overjoyed and so incredibly grateful that she is here in our home.

Love you Molly Grace!

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