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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, November 17, 2013

marshmallow world

On Saturday, we woke up to Marshmallow world! 

We got about 5 inches of snow this weekend.

I love the first few snow falls.  The magic it brings, and the beauty.

I almost pulled out the Christmas decorations, but our fall/Thanksgiving décor is really pretty, so just let myself listen to a couple Christmas songs instead.  That will hold me over for one more week.

I had to document William, because on this day, he wore more clothes than he ever has in his life.

He still doesn't have socks or underwear on, but the fact that he is wearing pants, and a coat, well, let's just say, I was speechless!

Luke had his first taste of snow, and love it.

Sam, of course, ran out and started making jumps for his sled.  His friend, Georgia, came along for the ride.
Mary outgrew her coat and boots, so she hung out inside this time.  I am still just getting used to the fact that not only is she growing, but she will be 9 in a month!  Oh, and she told me that we can box up her dolls, and she doesn't want any for Christmas. 
 When I asked her what we should do with all of her dolls (if our next baby is a I'm not pregnant at the moment), she said, "Just save them for the grand kids." 
 I swallowed my gum and choked when she said it, but she was right, it makes sense.  Geesh.
 Sad day in mommy land.
However, when I did ask her what she wanted for Christmas, she said, "I already have everything I want and need.  Just surprise me I guess."
My heart turned to butter.
We have also discovered, that bundling Luke up and taking him for walks out in the winter wonderland, induces sleep.  We like sleep.  We just bring Luke and the stroller inside when the walk is done.

Happy winter everyone!


erin d. said...

Man I miss you guys

Colleen said...

FUN! I am so excited for our first snow...hopefully we get some this year!