My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, August 18, 2013

the yard saga

Our goal was to have our yard in, and completed by the first week of August. 

We had it all planned out, and even gave ourselves some extra time, in case of a few setbacks.

Well, it is August 18th, and guess what.  We just got the trenching done yesterday.  Yup, yesterday.

Allow me...

Three months ago, or more, we called a landscaping company, who said they were backed up 3 weeks, and would come trench our yard at that point.  It seemed like a long wait, but we did it.

3 weeks came, and went.  Nothing.  Ben called them, and we got a, "Oh, well, um, we decided not to do your yard anymore.  We are on to bigger jobs."

Oh the rage.  Seriously people, was there not any minute of time during those 3 weeks that you could have told us that.  There goes 3 weeks, wasted.

We spent the next 2 weeks finding a new landscaper.  We called.  He said he would be here in 2 weeks.  He came 2.5 weeks later, told us our yard was too rocky for his equipment, and went on his way.

For crying out loud!!!!  Maybe you could have come and looked at our yard during that 2.5 week wait, and told us then.  Another 2.5 weeks wasted.

So, we called another landscaper, who said he would come in a week. 
Never showed up, never called, never heard from again.

Are you feeling the rage yet???  Oh, my blood was boiling, to say the least.

We called another guy, and got a quote so outrageous, I can't believe he even dared tell it to us.

In the main time, we are trying to get our cement patio extended out.  We called a cement guy.  He gave us a quote, and a date.  He never showed up.

We called another cement guy.  He gave us a quote, DOUBLE what that last guy gave us, and oh yea, he is backed up a month or so.

We called another guy, he measured, and never gave us a quote, or called back.

We called another guy, he quoted us 3 times more than any other quote...but he did show up.

We are now awaiting another guy, who will do our yard, as soon as "he finds a few more to do in our area."

I am not holding my breath.


Back to the trenching.  We called another guy.  He actually showed up!  He actually seemed honest.  He actually knew what the heck he was doing, and had the right equipment.  He was booked out 2 weeks, but we waited.  He never showed up.

I think I actually cried at this point.

Ben called him.  He was "out of town," and didn't bother to tell us, but promised us he would come this weekend.

And he did.  FINALLY!  They never called to tell us when they were coming, we just looked out our window Friday morning, and there they were.  I was not about to complain, and the boys loved all of the tractors.

Our yard is now rough graded and trenched and waiting for us to put in the sprinkler system tomorrow.

Then it is the hole for the trampoline, the dry riverbed foundation, top soil, leveling the top soil, and finally...


Just in time for fall and winter.  Oh yeah, go us.  I guess we can enjoy it next spring.

Next year will be the fun stuff!

The playground, the fire pit, trees, flowers, the dry river bed...complete with a bridge, and probably the patio, because I am seriously doubting anyone will actually do it this year.

Shame on all of those landscaping people.  Shame, shame, shame. 

In the words of the Lorax.... FOR SHAME!

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erin d. said...

HO-LY CRAP. I'd about gotten to the point of doing it myself even though I don't know what the heck I'm doing. How frustrating!!