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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

some cool things

We have had a few blog-worthy things happen in our home the past little while, I just haven't really gotten around to blogging them.  Life is busy, but full and good.

Mary participated in the mini Waspette clinic at the High School.  The WHS dance team taught a bunch of girls a dance (a different dance for each age group) and they all performed at a big dance spectacular on Friday night.  It was awesome!

Mary looked adorable, and she did great.  She did a round-off back hand spring to start out her group dance.  I was proud of her for overcoming her fear of tumbling on the hard floor, and for going for it. 
She is good buddies with Lauren, her teacher's daughter with Downs Syndrome.  Lauren is absolutely adorable, and she is also in 2nd grade, so she and Mary's have been able to become friends.  Lauren did the dance too, so they got to be together.

Mary loved the clinic, and is already asking when she can do it again.  It was awesome!

In further news, Luke moved up to the big boy bath tub.  He had his first official bath in the regular tub this week.  He loved it, and William tried really hard to only splash him "a little."   :)

It was mismatch day at school.  I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Sam, but he looked great too.  He wore his pj's with a tie, and different shoes.

And....I finally did something crafty that actually turned out!  I am so proud of myself.  I wanted to put this ugly brown dresser, with these ugly brown drawers in the guest room of our new home, but I just don't like the dresser. 

two of the ugly drawers

So, I saw a picture online, tweaked it a bit to my liking, sanded my brains out, pulled out the paint brushes, and made this!
the stripes on top are orange, but the picture makes them look pink.

I LOVE IT!  And I can't wait to put it in the cute little cottagey guest room in a few days.  Yup, that's right...a few days.  We may be moving in our home on Saturday at the earliest.  Monday at the latest.  WAHOO!

I also have this ugly brown table, that needs to go in our living room. 

So, I sanded this one too, gave it some cute yellow and white paint, and whamo...a table that matches perfectly.  Two in a row!  Go me.
bad picture, but I couldn't figure out how to do it with the flash.  It is cream on top and soft yellow on the legs

Oh, and we finally got our red door on our house.  Now it is complete.  Oh, I cannot wait to walk through this red door and be home..*sigh*

And that's it folks.  Until next time....


Adri said...

Awesome furniture re-dos and your house is darling. So excited for you!

Lisa said...

Way to go!! Love the outfit mary!