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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, March 2, 2013

phone picts..and memory lane

My phone let me know the other day that it was overloaded on memory, so I decided to erase a bunch of pictures.  Before I erased them, I saved them to the computer.  It was pretty fun to me to see some pictures of our everyday life, so I decided to post some of them. Most are of William and Luke, because they are here most of the day. Here they are:
Luke at Primary Children's waiting to get his tubes in his ears

Luke playing with toys waiting to get tubes in his ears.  8 1/2 months old

Luke, 9 months

Luke 9 months

Luke's first time riding in the front of the cart.  He LOVED it!

Wiliam, on his way to ride the motor scooter outside.  It was 21 degrees outside.

William, sound asleep in the car seat, wearing the batman mask.

Miss Mary

Framing the house. Jan. 2013

Framing the house

Windows are put in, and roof is on.

Putting up the cement board. Feb. 2013

almost done with cement board. Feb. 2013

Our cat penny. We got her Feb. 2013  9 months old

Sam being silly  5 years old

William, looking a bit Asian.  2 year old

Silly William

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Williams monkey face

outside of house is done! Just need to paint the door red and put up the white railing along the porch.  Feb. 2013

Mary decided to take the younger two on a walk. Herriman, UT 2012

William wearing Mary's shoes.  It was 2 degrees outside.

Mary after an eye appointment.  She wore these to school for the next two days, because she liked them.  :)


Sam does this EVERYWHERE!  Mr. Monkey

Wiliam really wants the phne. 

Ninja Sam, ready for action!


Heather said...

I LOVE your house!! It's beautiful!

Lisa said...

Love the pictures and the updates! So excited for you and your move coming up anytime now!! How exciting to have space again and have a house you got to design!!

Lisa said...

Loved the pics and updates!! So exciting that your house is almost finished! I bet you are so excited to have space again and in your own house that you got to design! Have fun with all the arranging and decorating!

Colleen said...

The house looks amazing, Becky! And your kiddos are so always!