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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, February 21, 2011

So Needed!

Last Wednesday, our family took off for a much needed mini-trip to watch my sister Kelsey play in the State Basketball Championships. Our three day trip was so much fun, that it turned into a week long vacation. It was WONDERFUL!!!!

The best thing of all, is that my brother, Ryan and his wife, showed up at one of the games disguised as people cheering for the other team. The came all the way from Alaska!!! They sat right in front of us and we didn't know it was them for a while. We only figured it out when my dad sat by them and started cheering as loud as he could, just to tease them. It was hilarious when he realized who he was really teasing! When we did, our entire cheering section flipped out! My mom ripped off Ryan's wig and immediately started crying. I was in absolute shock and found that my mouth had been hanging open for a very long time by the time I finally shut it. It was all caught on video, thanks to my aunt and uncle who helped them pull this off. We have watched the video at least four times already.

My other brother who was not there, Devin, ended up coming the very next day once he got word that Ryan and Juliet were there. ALL of my family were together (which is very rare and usually happens only once a year) and it was an absolute blast the rest of the week. It was so awesome.

This trip was just what I needed. Oh, it was so wonderful. We crammed a lot in.

We watched Kelsey's games, which were very fast, very intense, and very high energy. She is a phenomenal basketball player, so it makes it even more fun. It is her senior year, so this was the last State tournament for her, and the last games she played.

We played the game "Loaded Questions" for hours. We spent most of the time laughing until we cried, over and over and over again. What was said during that game will stay in that game.

We ate and ate and ate and ate.

We hung out with lots of extended family at lunches and at a tailgate party that my aunt had at her house. So awesome!

We celebrated Sam's 4th Birthday. LOVE that boy!

We went shopping. ;)

We watched movies.

We stayed up too late, a lot.

We worked out, thank goodness.

And we savored the time together as a family. I found my spirits lifting by the hour. I love my family so much. It was just so awesome to have everyone together.

The rest of the trip will be in pictures.

Ryan and Juliet. I wish I had a picture of the disguise they were in when they surprised us, but this is a cute picture too. We missed their kids (who stayed in Alaska) but it was so fun to be with them.

Ben hanging out with William.

My brother Tyler helping Sam put his Birthday present together. Yup, Sam turned 4 while we were on our trip. He had a great Birthday!

Me and William. Notice that the bottle is practically attached to William. That's my boy!

Sam wanted a rice crispy Birthday Cake, so here it is. Actually, he asked for pumpkin pie at the last minute, but we didn't have the ingredients. He did like the rice crispy cake though, he just doesn't smile for pictures right now.

My three brothers, Ryan, Tyler and Devin, "helping" Sam play with his new Imaginext Robot he got for his Birthday.

My sister, Kelsey, and Sam doing their special hand shake. This was right after one of her games.

Kelsey's last minute playing Basketball. It was a bitter/sweet moment for her as a Senior. She made this shot, she rocks! They placed third in the State!!! She had an amazing game.


Mary was pretty sick for most of the trip, but she still had a great time being around everyone. She sure loves her grandma.

The whole gang. And this is just the immediate family that came to watch Kelsey. There were a total of 45 people that came just to watch her play. It was so cool!

This is what Sam did during the games. The poor kid got so bored, but was a good sport.

William did great! We kept him around in case they needed a spare basketball.

Our cheering section of 45 rocked the house! We were loud, crazy, and obnoxious, and oh, it was so fun!

Of course, there was a one armed push up contest. Tyler literally did at least 30. What the......?

The gang...again.

My aunt (who we stayed with) has like a million potato heads. We utilized them to the upmost usage.

And the gang...again! Notice that Sam's shirt doesn't quite fit. That should about sum up the fun phase he is in right now. I am just in shock that he was even in the picture. But hey, we sure love him.

Tucanos. In a word...W-O-W. In another word...F-U-L-L. In another word...M-E-A-T.
All you can eat meat, delivered right to your plate. Along with a massive salad bar. At one point Mary leaned back in her chair and while rubbing her tummy exclaimed, "I am in love." It was THAT good.

Mary was trying to hold up her cool tongs that she had. Sam...well, lets just say that he does not like getting his picture taken right now. And he was REALLY mad when about 10 people came over banging drums and singing happy Birthday to him. I think I scarred him for life.

He did like his ice cream they gave him though.

It was THAT good.

Some of us girls went to a salon called Callidora. I have virgin hair. I have never done anything to it aside from getting it cut. I went out on a limb and tried highlights...and a small trim.


We got home last night, and grandma JoJo is coming tonight. We have a fun weekend ahead! And I have LOTS to do in the next few hours. I better get to it.


Meagan said...

What a great family! It was fun to updated pictures of every one. And your kiddos are super cute! Hope all is well! :)

Katie Ladwig said...

What a fun impromptu get together! I actually got to hear about it a little from your cousin Scott as well. He is in my Dad's ward and we were there the following weekend. I love your family!!!!

Colleen said...

How FANTASTIC!! I am sure that video of you guys discovering your brother and his wife is one for the record books. Awesome. Luke doesn't smile for pictures all the time either, if I don't catch it at the right moment, it's gone. What a fun way for Sam to celebrate 4! And I love the highlights, they look great!

MaryAnn said...

How fun for your family - I'm sure your mom was just in heaven! Great pics!

Gina said...

That is so awesome that your whole family was there! How fun! I can't believe you've never done highlights to your hair! THey look awesome! I didn't know your hair was that long! SO pretty!