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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sam's First "Party?"

My little Sammy Boy will turn four on Sunday! We will be out of town on his Birthday, so we decided to have his party a week early.

The party was so funny! I had some games planned, but one minute into the games, the kids decided they didn't want to do them. I felt like it was preschool all over again. Zero attention span. So, we decided to serve the cupcakes. I was suprised that Sam didn't shy away from the Birthday song and the candles. He did great and blew out the candles with all of the breath he could muster. It was so cute! I tried one to make sure they were good, and they were very yummy! I guess I expected them to taste like rubber or something, with the way the kids were playing wiht them. What on earth! They were just poking them and smashing them, so we decided to be done with the cupcakes.

Ben and I kept on looking at eachother with the look of "what do we do now?" We still had 30 minutes to go, and nothing to do. So, I grabbed some balloons, told the kids they were fireballs, flapped them like a crazy woman,and chased them all over the house. Ben found this to be gut-spliting hilarious, but hey, it was all I could think of. That kept them entertained for a while. We also pulled out the broom and did the kids version of the limbo. Now that was funny! I think they all closelined themselves at least 10 times, but they kept coming back for more. That ended up being the hit of the party! Honestly.

By the end of the party, I was probably more worn out than the kids were, but at least Sam was smiling. I could tell that he felt special all day as we got ready for the party, cleaned, decorated and planned the games. I think he had a lot more fun planning and anticipating the party, than the actual party itself. He is just like me in that way.

Although the party was not what we had expected, I still think it turned out great, because Sam grinned the rest of the day, and all of the kids left smiling.
(yes, Sam was actually very happy, his mouth is just full of cupcake in this picture)


Vivian said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Don't worry that for him it was the BEST birthday party EVER!!! :)

kendra said...

so fun! fast thinking, on the games!