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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Good Man

Grandpa passed away today.
The tears streaming down my face are tears of sadness and also tears of joy.
My heart hurts. It hurts a lot.
But at the same time, my heart is full. Full of the knowledge of the glorious reunion taking place in heaven at this very moment. My grandparents are together once again, after 16 years.

My relationship with grandpa was a unique one, and I feel blessed.
He wasn't the kind of grandpa you just see once a year at a reunion and hear stories about every once in a while.
He was the grandpa that came over for Sunday dinners.
The grandpa who came to all of my sports events.
The grandpa who remembered every single Birthday.
The grandpa who was full of hugs and hand kisses.
The grandpa with endless stories of his farm-boy childhood.
The grandpa I grew up with.
The grandpa who played the harmonica.
The grandpa who helped me build my first snowman complete with hair made out of leaves.
The grandpa who loved sweets almost as much as I do.
The grandpa who would go bowling once a week at the age of 90.
The grandpa that was there...always there.
The example.
The friend.
The hero.

It is ripping my heart out to not be able to be there. To comfort my mother. To mourn with my family. To go to the funeral. To talk about grandpa. To hear the stories and the memories. To share in the comfort, warmth and peace of family.
But the timing isn't right. Our baby boy is on the way any day now. I am just going to have to bask in the comfort that grandpa is with him now. Preparing him for his turn on this earth. And of course, passing on his name.

Earlier this week, grandpa actually mentioned our precious child. He told my mother that "the little boy was coming." He mentioned a few other things as well. He saw our son. I find peace in that.

Our son will be named after grandpa. It was planned before grandpa became so sick just a few short weeks ago. And now, more than ever, that will be very significant.

I love you grandpa. As hard as it was, I am so glad I was able to talk to you one last time yesterday. I will forever be grateful for that. I hope you heard me tell you that I love you.

Enjoy being back with your dear companion, never to be apart again. You left behind a legacy like none other, and even though you leave behind a hole that can never be filled, we will continue to carry your legacy forward. Thank you grandpa.


Our family said...

So sorry to hear about you loss. We are thankful for eternal families and that your grandpa is back with your grandma.

Heather said...

I'm so sorry Becky! It is so hard to loose grandparents, even when they have lived a long wonderful life. My prayers are with you and your family.

Colleen said...

He sounds like a wonderful man and grandfather. I am sorry for your loss, but happy for his reunion with his wife and for the legacy that will be carried on in your new baby boy.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great man! Isn't it comforting to know that we are an eternal family and that your grandparents are together again! Love you guys a ton!!

Katie Ladwig said...

I love you sweetie. I am so sorry. You are in my prayers.

Trinette McCrary said...

I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like such a wonderful man!

erin d. said...

what a great post becky! take your time to mourn and remember all that your grandpa gave to you and the rest of the world. what a neat way to celebrate his life by passing on such a special name to your child. I guess your grandpa just couldn't wait any longer to see him or to share that moment with his wife. If they spoil and love on him too much baby may take his time coming here you may be overdue! Love you and thinking of you at this time.