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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Leaving Zion for...Zion?

I just wrote a huge, long, and very detailed post explaining everything, but honestly, I don't know anyone besides me and some family members that would care to read the whole thing. And to those people, we have already told the story, so no use repeating it. So, I will save that post (for journaling purposes) and just give you the basics. I would encourage you not to skim this post. It may result in a lot of questions. This post is still long, but just grab a snack, slap on a diaper, and plow through. You won't regret it.

First off, let me just say that Ben and I LOVE Colorado Springs. I have labeled it my Zion, because I feel that everything about this place is perfect. I have never taken it for granted. I am so happy here, and it fits our family like a glove. Some days I just drive around with a grin on my face and I have to pinch myself to really believe that life could be this good here. We would gladly stay here forever, if it was our choice.

But, it isn't our choice, and that is the reason for this post. Due to some very special moments and strong revelation that occurred during a family reunion this summer, we have known that for quite some time now. We have known all along where the Lord wants us to end up, we just weren't sure about when. We didn't know when the revelation to leave our Zion would come.

Come it did. It came much ,much sooner than expected,and it came very fast and very unexpectedly. My mind is still reeling.

Short story:
Less than a month ago Ben and I were on a drive with the kids. We were talking about how wonderful Colorado Springs is and how happy we are here.

So, on this drive, Ben looked at me and said, "I feel like it is time that we talk about Utah. Yes, Utah is the place we have known would eventually be our home. I will not elaborate on why we haven't liked the idea at all, but lets just say that it has been a rough one to get used to. Thank goodness the Lord has given us lots of time to get over it and start finding the good in it. And we have found a lot of good. We are actually getting excited.

Ben and I talked and talked and talked, and then we prayed.
And we got an is time.
Then we wondered how we would get to Utah. So we prayed again.
The answer came.

The next day Ben called the Cintas manager in Salt Lake City,Utah. He just wanted to talk to him. What do you know....they had a position open and they were interviewing.

The next day, Ben talked to his manager here and was able to get time off to go to record time.

The next week, our family drove to Utah for Ben's "business meetings." Also know as his job interview.

We figured that Ben would just talk to the manager and feel things out. These things always take time....lots of time, so I wasn't too worried.

Imagine the shock when I picked Ben up from the interview to learn that he had been offered the job and they wanted him to start June 1st. Three days before our baby is due. uummmm,yeah.

We spent the rest of the trip driving all over the place with the new eyes you get when you are looking at a place you will be living. Utah looks different when you are just visiting. We searched and searched for our "Colorado Springs in Utah." We found some great places and some not so great places, but it will take another trip in a few weeks before we really nail it down. We are currently talking with a realtor (spelling?) and house hunting like crazy. Thank goodness it is such an awesome buyers market right now. It makes things really nice.

Basically we went from not even thinking about moving at all, to planning a new job and a move to Utah in the future in only 11 days! Yes my friends, all of this took place in just 11 days.

My emotions were nothing short of a patient in a psyche ward the past few weeks, but they have been in control and much more calm this past few days. I have bawled my eyes out. I have been excited. I have been nervous. I have freaked out. I have felt like it is so right and so good. I have had peace. I have been exhausted. I have been excited. Oh man, not much time to adjust to it all, ya know.

Thankfully, Cintas is an awesome company, and they are willing to push Ben's start date back so we can have the baby here and get things in order. Hooray!

We will most likely be moving to Utah the first week in July. Ironically, the week our lease is up here in Colorado Springs. Interesting.
If not the first week in July, it will be the beginning of September. We should find out for sure later on today or tomorrow. I am pacing the floors, to say the least.

So there you have it.

We are moving to Utah, and we are moving soon. Very soon.

We have absolutely 100% no doubt that the Lord needs us in Utah, and we need to be there now. The Lord does care where we live. He does care when we live there, and he has had his hand in all of this. He has led us the entire way. We don't doubt it.
It is ripping our hearts out to think of leaving our beloved Colorado Springs, but I know we will be happy there. We would never, ever leave Colorado Springs, unless we were absolutely certain that it was the Lord's will. And we are certain. It is hard, but we know the Lord would not send us somewhere we cannot handle. We will find our new Zion.

We cannot deny the promptings or the revelation that have been so incredibly powerful. The timing has been unbelievable (not to mention VERY fast)! I credit nothing to coincidence.

So, off we go. We are going to be very busy from here on out. We need to find a house, pack, have a baby, cram in everything we love to do here, for one last time, and start prying our hearts away from Colorado and sticking them in Utah.

Here we go.

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runningfan said...

WOW! I'm so very happy for you. We've had a similar emotional ride -- just not the happy ending yet. I'm thrilled that things are falling into place so well and so quickly. Good luck!