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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love.....

my "pre" Valentine's gift from Ben on Friday. So sweet! It made my day.

the date Ben and I went on last night. Cold Stone and new clothes!


watching the kids come down the stairs to a table covered in rose petals, chocolates, a few gifts, and cards.

after church naps.

Valentine's "red, purple and pink" dinner.

"red" meat.
pink crystal lite.
purple jello. (it was blue, but I added food coloring...go me)

pink yogurt pie for dessert.

heart shaped carrots
red strawberries (with Nutella of course)

"bum" rolls (can you see why?) Which one is yours? ;) But today we called them heart shaped rolls.

cute girls in adorable dresses.

the little boy in big boy underwear.

how much sun is here in Colorado Springs during the winter months.

the looks I get at the gym with my pregnant belly and a wrist band on each arm representing each child I have in the kids club. Priceless and hilarious!

ALL of the big and small changes I am making in our home as a result of a very active nesting bug. It has been bliss!

all of my wonderful friends who cleared off EVERYTHING from my Mary Kay table. Now baby boy #3 has a bunch of space for his little clothes.

chocolate and peanut butter.

red vines.

packages in the mail from family.

when Ben comes home from work early, just because.

when my kids play together and giggle for who knows what reason.

laughing. It is good for the soul.

my new prego pants. They are so comfortable!

LOST. Not getting lost...the best show in the world, LOST.

new socks.

spending time with my family.

butterfly kisses from my kids.

real kisses from my husband.

a song the kids are singing in primary right now. Tear jerker.

family reunions.

watching my kids do something for the first time.

watching Ben's face when he is skiing, or on his way out the door to go skiing.

being outside and active...running, water skiing, hiking, swimming, camping.

not having a mullet anymore.

visits from family. (hint hint)

a good book.

foot rubs.

natural bodies of water. (ocean, rivers, lakes, streams, ect.)

feeling organized.

giving and receiving random gifts.

my friends.

The phase of life we are in right now. It just feels good to feel good.




Anonymous said...

I love.....this blog post! What a great Valentines Day! Such cute kids, looking all grown up in pretty dresses and big boy panties! Miss you so much! Love, MOM Belnap

Lisa said...

Yum!! I remember yogurt pie...and pink lemonade mixed with what was it? Orange juice? I just remember getting hyper afterwards. :)
Happy V-day, love ya!

Nancy said...

Last night we realized none of us did anything special for each other for Valentines day. We made and frosted cookies about 2 weeks ago and went to a Valentines playgroup party... but when the actual day rolled around... nothing. Hahaha. We joked about how Violet must be our Valentines present.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Love the post!! What fun!! Happy Valentines!

erin d. said...

We love you guys! Your mullet comment made me smile.

Colleen said...

This is why I love Valentine's Day, it is so good to get all the things we love out there! Great looking meal!