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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, April 17, 2017

she's definitely my kid

About a month ago, I heard Molly messing around in the pantry.  I was busy helping Luke with something, and also teaching piano lessons, so all I could do was listen and envision the huge mess I was going to find when I could finally see what she was doing.

After my piano lesson was over 30 minutes later, and Luke was settled, I made my way over to the pantry with a feeling of dread.

I was completely shocked to find this!

The bottom two shelves were completely organized.  The cans were stacked in neat rows, or on top of eachother.  Everything was grouped according to what was in it.  I seriously could not believe it!  I was totally shocked!  Molly had totally organized the pantry!  It was so awesome!

A few days later, Molly, Luke and I were having a picnic outside.  I threw some pink and white animal crackers and some goldfish into a Tupperware, and gave them to Molly to snack on.  She seemed pretty content looking through her container, so I laid back and soaked in the rare day of warm sun.

A while later, Molly went to go play with her friend Beckham, and I glanced down at the blanket.  She had done this.
She had separated the animal crackers from the fish, grouped everything by color, and then lined up the animal crackers in lines by color! 
I was stunned!  Completely stunned, and totally thrilled!  Did I have a kid that could possibly love order and organization as much as me!  Praise the heavens above!

Sure enough, just a week later, I gave Molly a container of assorted colored tic tacs. This is what I found just a few minutes later.
The tic tacs were out of the container, and grouped by color.

Molly also cleans up everything when she is doing playing with something.  She shuts doors and cupboards (just like me), she hates being sticky, and she lines up shoes in a row (just like me).

I am thrilled to have someone else in this house willing to straighten and organize...even if she is just two years old.

Go Molly Go!

Smartest two year old on the block...yup that's my kid!

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