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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, December 16, 2012

he eats! (and my hair decision)

My older three children were very aggressive eaters as infants.  We had no problems introducing solids to them.

Around 5 months, we would test them out with squash or some sweet veggie, and they would go nuts sucking the stuff down. They would squeal with delight, and then cry between bites because we couldn't get the spoon to them fast enough.  We figured Luke would be the same.

We were wrong.

At five months, I got the food out, put Luke in his little chair, got the camera all ready, and watched with anticipation for the big "solids" moment for Luke.  He ended up crying, pursing his lips, turning his head, and absolutely refusing the food.

This has continued on since then, and has been pretty frustrating. 
At his last check up, the pediatrician mentioned that Luke is constipated, and therefore will not be interested in solids.  Solids would just register as pain to him.

So, we pulled out our good friend Miralax and have been putting it in Luke's bottles.  In the main time, Luke popped out his first tooth!  It is adorable, and his little gummy smile is even more cute now.

With the tooth in, the poop regulated, and his pink eye/croup/cold/horrible cough almost completely gone, I decided that today would be the day to try again.

I got him all set up in his chair, pulled out the squash, and got ready for battle.

Imagine my joy and surprise, when this was the reaction!
He was literally squealing with delight and waving his hands with excitement.  He would grin between every bite, and he gobbled up the entire container! 
The pediatrician was right, he just needed a cleared out tummy.
I am so glad he is eating solids now.  He is overdue, and I can tell he is more than ready for the added nutrients.
Hooray for Luke!
Oh, and I had my hair appointment on Saturday.  I went in having decided to keep my hair long.  Then, while I was waiting, I found a magazine with hair styles, and decided to go for it, and cut it. The bobs were so cute!
I told my hair lady what I wanted, and she gave me some pros and cons I hadn't really thought about.
I ended up keeping my hair long, and getting a trim, layers, and highlights. Let's face it, I just can't give up the ponytail.  It is so convienient, especially for running and working out. :)
I still plan on chopping my hair though.  I really want to try out the hair do I saw.  I am probably going to do it in the spring. We shall see. :)


Juls said...

Oh my goodness it looked like Luke has red in his hair. Love his cute smile! Yeah I think of chopping my hair but at the same time I am afraid to. I showed Ryan that picture of the hair you wanted and told Ryan that I loved the red color and want to try that out! I don't know that I ever will. Maybe if I had an honest opinion that I could pull bit off. I love that you and Mary got to go to the Nutcracker! Maybe someday I'll take Lilly!

Colleen said...

Our Luke was the same as your Luke, late in eating, and he still isn't a huge eater! Glad your Luke is enjoying it! The hair dilemma is the eternal question for me!