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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, December 5, 2011


First of all,
Thank you to everyone for your advice and for your encouragement to get a new OB. It gave me the push I needed, and I made the change. I truly appreciate your support and advice. It helped a lot to know I was not alone, or just being weird, in my feelings of worry and frustration. Thank you.

I spent Saturday in a great deal of pain, with some spotting to top it off. I called my doctor twice, supposedly they paged him, no one ever called me back.

Sunday was the same. I was in a lot of pain with cramping, I called the doctor three times, each time they said they paged him, I never got a call back. The last time I called, I was very blunt and begged to talk to him or any doctor for that matter. They were not nice, I was ticked, they said a doctor would call, I heard nothing. To say I was upset and worried would be an extreme understatement.

Today, I woke up and called the doctor's office of the new OB I had decided to use. I have to deliver at a certain hospital, so my options are limited, but I got a great recommendation and went with it. I knew that they had never seen me, and had no records, but I asked if I could please be seen today. They had me leave a message for a nurse, and because of my experience this past weekend, I had no hope of getting a call back.

45 minutes later, the nurse called back, and apologized for taking so long. Seriously, I just wanted to kiss her for calling back so quickly or even at all. I was thrilled to finally hear from someone!

She was incredible. She listened to me describe my past 4 days. She was so understanding and more than willing to try to figure out what is going on. She took it very seriously and could not believe I was sent home from the ER being told not to worry and to resume normal activity. She even looked up my ultrasound results and my paper work from the ER while I was on the phone with her! How awesome is that.

She told me that she would talk with the doctor and call me back. And she did, and it was fast! Hooray!

The doctor (who will not be my new doctor, but was so awesome and willing to step in today, and who works with my new OB) said that I need to at least be on moderate bed rest starting right now. No lifting William, no exercising, and no unnecessary work of any kind.
She says I most likely (not for sure) have partial or full placenta previa, but that is not the reason for the bleeding and cramping. In fact, that will not be a big worry until the third trimester, if it has not corrected itself. BUT, they plan on closely monitoring it from here on out and treating the symptoms with it if and when they come.

That said, they are going to try to find the source of my bleeding, cramping and back pain. They have some guesses, some scary, some not, but nothing is for sure yet.


THEY, not I....THEY scheduled an appointment for me to see the doctor asap! I go in Friday morning for an ultrasound and then an appointment right after. Hopefully we will know what is happening after that. Good or bad, I just really need to know what to plan on and what to do about it. Being in the dark is horrible.

Both the nurse and the doctor were phenomenal! My new OB works with them, and they only had great things to say about him as well. I am so relieved.

I am done with my other OB, and I honestly feel like I am in very good hands now, and that I am with the doctor that I need to be with right now.

I do know that something is not right and that my body is trying to tell me something, but I also have hope. I am pretty nervous for Friday, and for what they may discover, but I do have peace and feel that my baby is ok. I may just have to sacrifice a lot more than expected to keep it that way. I hope I am strong enough.


shaina said...

I'm so glad you got a new office that will take care of you. Now, rest and rest and rest some more. Wish I was there to take the kiddos. Just know I'm thinking of you.

Jeff and Lori said...

Just saw your last two posts. Very scary! I'm so glad you switched to an OB and office that listens and takes you seriously. It is so important! Thinking of you!

Brittany said...

I'm so happy to hear this!
Who did you end up going to?
really Becky, If you need anything let me know...
I know am still new to the neighborhood and we don't know eachother all that well, but I would be happy to help!
Hang in there! :)

erin d. said...

I know you are strong enough to get through anything. You can do hard things, and you do them incredibly well.

You should find your old OB online and see if there are any review sites for him, if so you should share your experiences. Maybe it will help someone else.

Just a thought.

Hoping all is well. Love you guys. Will you be in town for Christmas this year? I guess a lot of that depends on Friday. Let us know if you will be. I haven't rubbed your pregnant belly since Sam, the time has come ;)

Colleen said...

What a gift! I am SO glad you stood strong and fought for yourself. I hope you have a great loving ward that will help take care of you as you go through this time on bed rest with three little ones at home, and I know you have a great, supportive hubby who will do all he can to carr whatever burdens you cannot right now. Praying for you and your sweet little one!!!!

Sylvia said...

Becky it is so fun to read this great post! It is such a relief to know that you have such a great Dr now that will pay attention and take good care of you! Please slow down and rest a little and take care of yourself and the baby! I remember going through some of this when I was pregnant with you and I had to slow down and it worked! I'm so excited to know I will have a new little granddaughter! So fun and let the pink shopping begin! Whoo Hoo!!!! Love ya, MOM