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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ear Piercing!!!

Mary is REALLY into jewelry and accessories right now. It cracks me up, because I was just never that way. She gets it from my sister Kelsey. They are so alike.
I love it though. I think it is so cute. Mary has even made us late to church one time because she was in her room finding the right rings and purse that would match her dress.
Last week, before I took off for Idaho, I decided to make her a "Diva Corner" in her room. I made her a little table for her jewelry and jewelry cases, got some hooks from walmart and hung up a cute mirror with a hot pink feather boa around it. All of her purses, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, rings, bags, chapsticks, lip glosses, dress up shoes, ect. now have a place to go. She spends a lot of time there. Sooner than later I am going to get her a big hot pink shag diva chair. It will be so fun!
Mary has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while now, and I have bluntly refused. I just didn't think she would really go through with it. Well, Grandma JoJo and Papa were here this week and Mary was getting bored sitting in the house, so JoJo and I decided to take the kiddos to the mall and get Mary's ears pierced. I honestly didn't think she would really do it.
I was WAY more nervous than Mary was. She climbed right up into the chair and picked out the earrings she wanted. Her favorite color is rainbow, so she picked out some diamond earrings that sparkle rainbow colors when she moves her head.

I signed a million papers and then we were ready. The lady put the marker dots on her ears to make sure everything would be even and then grabbed the "gun." This is where I pictured Mary jumping off the chair in tears saying nevermind. Wrong!

Mary sat totally still and just flinched a little with the first one. I expected her to start bawling and to beg not to get the other ear done. Instead she just held my hand and sat very still while the other ear was done. NOT ONE TEAR!!!! I was closer to tears than she was..seriously.

The lady held up the mirror so Mary could see her new earrings and she just grinned. She and Sam got a sucker and we were on our way. Minutes after getting her ears pierced, Mary and Sam were happily playing on the quarter machines. Thanks JoJo.

She is such a tough kid, it cracks me up. She LOVES her earrings and has not complained about them at all. They do look adorable on her, especially when her hair is in a ponytail for gymnastics.
So there it is, the ears are pierced. Few! Now if I could just be as brave as my daughter, then I would get that adorable short hair cut I really want, don't have the guts to try.
Can't wait to see what she wants next.

Mary showing off her new necklace from grandma JoJo and her new earrings.

p.s. I was going to do a post about our visit with JoJo and Papa, but they had to leave early (in order to avoid getting sick), and I only really got one picture. We had a GREAT time with them while they were here though. The kids were in heaven with back to back grandparent visits. We love it when they come, and we are so sad when they leave. We really appreciate them taking the time to come see us...even when Ben is so incredibly sick (and I am talking seriously sick folks, I have NEVER seen him like this, it is so sad). It was a great time while it lasted.

When Ben felt well enough to go out, we went to Garden of the Gods for a while. It was FREEZING, but it was fun.


shaina said...

She was so brave!! Good for her. Hope Ben feels better soon.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

What a brave girl! That is awesome!! You go Mary! I just love the earrings, and playing dress up with all her pretties!! I can't believe how big she is!! Love ya guys

Jessica said...

Yay! That is so exciting. I was surprised that Mary didn't cry too. But Mary's a tough girl so, then again, I shouldn't be too surprised.
I think I am going to try to convince Tyler now to let me have a "diva corner". Mary's sounds so cool!

Berly said...

Kaylee wants her ears pierced - but Warren says she can't have them pierced until 18!! I think someone is in denial - I will have to work with him on that one.

lori parkhurst said...

Are those Ben's folks? His mom is a pretty lady!

Trinette McCrary said...

Wow! Mary was a brave little girl. Olivia will be getting her ears pierced this year when she is 10. Hopefully we can get dad to okay it. Nathan first said never, then 18, then we got him down to 16
Finally he said 12, but I think 10 is a good age. Your brave too, expecially since you will be the one cleaning her ears for a while.

Gina said...

I can't believe how brave she is! How cute that she is getting so "girly." She is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Way to go are so amazing! I love you so much and miss you already! Gma Sylbia