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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The adventures of Mr. Ribbit

Some of you that have been following our blog, may remember my post about Mr. Ribbit, our bullfrog. We didn't know he was a bullfrog at the time we got him. We just figured he was an ENORMOUS tadpole.
By the time we discovered that he was a bullfrog and watched the sickening mutation from tadpole to frog (nasty), it was too late. We aren't allowed to sell him or give him is illegal. We can only donate him to a school lab once he is full grown. Bullfrogs ruin entire ecosystems, because of their huge appetite.
Right now, he is up to eating about 5 crickets a day (live crickets), but sooner than later, he will be moving on to mice and then birds. After three months, I finally got up the guts to feed him the crickets last week..out of necessity. Ben was gone. I really don't think I will be able to stomach the mice or the birds.
I cleaned out his little tank today, and realized that he is already getting so big, and he has only been an actual frog for three months. He is bigger than any full grown frog in the pet stores!!!
Supposedly, he will grow to be the size of a dinner plate. Hooray for us. Does anyone know where we can get a 10 gallon tank for free???? He needs a bigger home pretty quickly here. I was told that we will actually need a 30 gallon tank, if we want to keep him alive when he is full grown, but for now, I am just looking for a 10 gallon tank.
Anywhoo...somehow this frog is beginning to grow on us, and we kind of like him. He is quiet so far, and just does his own thing. I can only imagine what it will be like when the croaking begins.
I am wondering if our Christmas lights hypnotize him, because at night, when I plug in the lights, he just sits on his rock and stares at the lights. He doesn't move an inch. It is hilarious.
So there you you have it, two adults, two kids, a dog and a bullfrog. Can't get much more all-American than that...right?

Here is a picture of him. I took it while he was in a bowl waiting for me to clean his tank, so the background is all white. Hello Mr. Ribbit.


shaina said...

Hey! Heidi sent me your blog address. What a huge bullfrog you guys will have. 30 gallon tank? I can only imagine.
What a funny story.
-shaina nunnelly

Deanna said...

Wow. That's a big enough tank to fit two kids in!!! How big is that froggy of yours going to get!!! Wow!

Good luck!

Jessica Kay said...

thanks for reminding me I don't want any pets =)

Jessica said...

That is so freakin funny! Guess what is even funnier? Tyler and I have a 30 gal tank that we are not using! You can have it when we are up there in January. Merry christmas Mr. Ribbit

Colleen said...

Yucky, but funny! I am glad he has been accepted as a full member of the family...good luck on finding that 30 gallon tank one of these days! That's huge! And birds...hmmmm. Mabye he will decide he wants to be a vegitarian frog.